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  1. Default boot + Timeout doesn't work

    looks good. try updating chameleon.. and changing the theme. it may be a theme file missing or something..
  2. Default boot + Timeout doesn't work

    post your whole boot plist! there are other variables on there that may override the above options
  3. got it. thanks! but before that i got my Gigabyte Radeon HD 4550 (1002:9540) working with full QE/CI for the first time. thanks to bcc9 and every1 else! that was awesome! just a small glitch. i have a "green apple" in the menu!! removed 4500 kext and added id to 4600.. all looks good! now lemme try those lion kexts.
  4. would you please share the lion kexts by PM? 4500, 4600, framebuffer, support and x2000 kexts, if you have them. thanks in advance! @everybody else: sorry for the spam! couldnt send PM to above user.
  5. yes. thats what i thought. but this card seems to be a PITA. coz its already half supported by some "wrong" kexts. after so many trial and errors, i have 4500controller removed and 4600controller with framebuffer loaded. so all 4 kexts loaded n no QE/CI. now from your results, i should get QE/CI with framebuffer patch. btw, i found out the hard way that kabyl's loader with optional AtiConfig switch behaves differently when the switch is on. (i tried AtiConfig=Peregrine and got a very different result from what usually happens without the switch - the default for my card is Peregrine) will report back after the framebuffer patch..
  6. n did u have the 4 ATI kexts loaded too before? but without QE/CI?
  7. can you please post a "before" and "after" screenshot of the graphics window?
  8. thanks man! will try and report back when i get home..
  9. ATI HD 4550?

    nope.. its "working" with RadeonHD.kext. but thats not full QE/CI. seems like this card is kinda funny.. the same dev id can be found in some other card, and there are other 4550s with a different dev ids. kabyl's bootloader says Unsupported and I havent a clue why that is. because its got the dev id in it already (but again the description in the source says some other HD card) no help.. tried 2-3 different places and got no answer..
  10. @kabyl: I was going through the sources of your booter coz it would say Unsupported card for my Radeon 4550 HD. I found that you use 0x954F as dev id for them and I found the same info here: http://wikidrivers.com/wiki/ATI_Catalyst_9.10. But a quick search online confirms that my dev id 0x9540 is the one for 4550!! how did this happen? any ideas? in your booter 9540 is used for ATI Radeon HD 4590. help?! i do not have option to change resolution or QE/CI. tried all the "bird" framebuffers and still no go. EDIT: In my case ATIx2000 and ATISupport are loaded. ATI4500 throws some "symbol" errors and wont load. ATIFB not loaded at all.. both vanilla 2000 and 4500 have my dev id in their plists already
  11. ATI HD 4550?

    same issue here.. tried a lot of booters.. slice's latest, kabyl's..kabyl booter said unsupported card.tryin vga port now. waiting on a dvi cable so i can check that too.. EDIT: nvm the sig. its old
  12. that's when i quit using this un"official" package. Azimuth said he fixed it in his trunk but i dont have xcode set up to check that. n ppl here are happily compiling the buggy code every day n running it!
  13. yes. this happens for me too. it hangs at PCI root detection. only with the -f flag.
  14. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    @rek: i cannot understand why you would want to add an option to extract acpi tables. some of the tables have been known to "not extract" when done from osx and once extracted and loaded thro chameleon the next time its gonna dump the table which we injected in the first place. so for every user the table extraction is a one time thing and do u need that option on the prefpane? just a question and tryin to help avoid confusion when users start dumpin tables which they injected!
  15. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Off topic: hey.. there is a new version of GRUB called GRUB2 which has the feature to load any acpi table (not just DSDT) externally. i remember, MC asking for such a bootloader sometime earlier.