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    Snow Leopard on on Asus UL30

    Using iATKOS s3 as well here. You have to put the hard disk in compatibility mode from the bios...slows the access to the hard disk but at least you will be able to use the g210m grapic card by default. Read the other two threads (UL30VT and UL30A)to make EVERYTHING working (I do not remember what I have done but everything was from those two threads). What you do not get: - no graphic card switching - slow HD access because of the compatibility mode - in photo booth, the webcam image is reversed (solutions do exist to this but it is in the other peripherals forum) - problem with sleep (I do not mind as I never put the computer to sleep) - the battery life is not as long as under Windows 7. - problems with mirroring mode. Using OSX as my only OS now.
  2. k_leau

    10.5.8 GMA950 -27AE for eeePC and others

    Hello, I am using a new Chinese Laptop brand, the harni X11W (www.harni.com.cn). It has an intel GMA950 27AE. I use iATKOS 10.5.7. When choosing the intel drivers I am choosing "GMA 950 Rare" and "GMA 950 Laptop" as is advised from http://www.osx86install.com/support/39-iatkos-v7-solutions-.html. After installation sometimes it works directly after some reboots with QE/CI...sometimes it does not... My question is how to get QE/CI consistently? Or rather why there might be 2 different results for the SAME procedure...? Sorry for not providing a signature with my configuration...I will do it when I will have time. Otherwise this laptop works great...it has sound, ethernet, and webcam directly supported...only atheros 5007 eg is not...