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  1. deepcover

    Asus Maximus X38 Successful

    I've had no issue with Kernel Panics, so my guess would be that the ATI driver patch screwed something up; which you figured out in your test. *edited: added the fact that I was restating the obvious.
  2. deepcover

    Asus Maximus X38 Successful

    What bios settings in particular do you need? My rig is overclocked pretty good. Are you Dual Booting or using a single OS? What hardware do you have (sata HD, sata CD)? I'll be checking this throughout the day.
  3. deepcover

    Atheros AR5418 (D-link DWA-655) works but no WPA

    Found solution: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...d&start=100 You have to use the 'Assist me' -> 'Diagnostics', to connect to your secured connection, it worked fine for me. I took the liberty to include screenshots in this post, so you can see how I did it... I had to use the System Preferences -> Network -> Assist me... -> Diagnostics -> AirPort -> ... to get me connected to my access point
  4. This is a noob question I'm sure. I've searched for a while but couldn't find an answer. I'm Using iDeneb 1.3, my PS/2 keyboard worked without any patches. However I'm not sure what to do about the apple COMMAND key. I would like to use CTRL-c, CTRL-v, CTRL-x, for editing like in windows. I tried using CTRL and Windows key in place of the apple key, but it would not substitute. I tried to edit keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences but copy and paste wasn't listed. Is there any solution? Thank you.
  5. I can connect to my router in unsecured mode, however when I enable WPA or WPA2, I get a connection fail. Leopard recognizes the connection as WPA, but will not accept my password. I'm not sure if it's an Apple thing or an OSx86 driver issue. Has anyone had success connecting securely with Atheros drivers using the AR5418 chipset? Until I fix this, I will have to run an ethernet cable across the whole house when I want to use Leopard. Thanks in advance.
  6. deepcover

    C-Media CMI8788 Drivers for Leopard?

    I would also like to request that someone smarter than me put out a CMI8788 patch. I would try if I knew anything about writing or porting drivers. I would even settle for a partial solution, like two channel sound. Thank you.
  7. Just in case any other fellow Maximus owners needed this information, I wanted to post it in these forums. What worked for me, I found on iDeneb's forums: http://board.insanelymac.net/index.php?sho...&hl=maximus Settings (Credit goes to Andrea91 from iDeneb forums): Audio: � ADI1988 Chipset: � ICHx Fixed � JMicronATA Kernel: � 9.2.0 Sleep (Intel/AMD/SSE2/SSE3) Fix: (IF NECESSARY!!!) � ApplePS2Controller � IOUSBFamilyFix Ethernet: (YOU CAN TRY WITH OUR KEXT BUT IF IT DON'T FUNCTION, TRY WITH THIS : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&hl=88E8056 ) � AppleYukon2 NVidia: (SIMILAR TO NETWORK YOU CAN TRY WITH ONE OF THIS.... ONLY ONE FOR TIME.........IF NOONE FUNCTION WATCH ON INSANELY FOR FUTURE RELEASES!) � NVinject 0.2.1 per 128,256,320,512,640,768 Mb e 1Gb � NVKush Applicazioni: (NO ASU!!!!) � Adium � BetterZip � Colloquy � Firefox 3.0.1 � Kext Helper � Menu Meters � Onyx � OSx86 Tools � Pacifist � Skype � Temperature Monitor � Transmission � VLC � xBench I couldn't find the ApplePS2Controller fix in the menu and I didn't need the USB fix (I don't use firewire, so maybe I do). NvInject worked for me for my Nvidia card.