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  1. Hi, I've recently tried on my dual boot hackintosh ( Lion - Windoz7 ) Paragon HFS+ 9 for Windows because I always need Windows for Bluray ripping & for Solidworks 3D CAD >Result : Blue Screen Of Death after the second reboot on Windoz7.Unable to boot, even if I was trying Safe Mode. I've finally found what we must do : 1. Boot on OS X & be sure to have Paragon NTFS installed ( v9.0 is speedy & -at the opposite of HFS+ for Windoz-works like a charm in Lion...) 2.Go to : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ & delete all files which begin like hfs*.sys 3.Try to reboot your windoz partition : it must be ok. 4.Uninstall HFS+ For Windoz & Reboot now Hope it will be helpful for someone of the Hackintosh community
  2. THANX A LOT You are THE BEST Since now one year i'd bought a PCI express card Dell BCM 5722 NetXtreme NIC, and it never works... I've made a mistake cause only the BCM5721 was supported at this time And hopefully, you have sent this marvellous Kext which has worked at the first try Merci ( Sorry for my English, I'm French ) Jérome AKA Manoooze
  3. Hi all, I'm French & this is my own experience with my HP Compaq laptop. With a genuine broadcom B,G,N wireless card fits inside ,in replacement of the original Atheros adapter (A genuine HP, it's very important, because the others are blacklisted in the Insyde's bios ! ), my Compaq CQ70-118EF works fine with Snow Leopard 10.6.3 retail & myHack bootloader on a SD card. After a big mistake with an Acer equipped with Intel GMA 4500 HD ( I had to sold it only after 2 weeks...hum), which doesn't support quartz extreme video acceleration, I bought my COMPAQ CQ70-118EF. It was the best laptop -with a lower price- that I've found on the French stores. It comes with built-in nVidia 9200m 3D graphics card, and everything is functional excepts HDMI out & deep sleep. I can do software update, everything is ok. For a long time mic input wasn't functional, but after the install of VooDooHDA.kext & HDAenabler.prefpane , the sound card was able to work out of the box. The first big mod I've made was changing the COMPAQ logo on computer start ; I used Insyde's bios tools in order to decompile the HP F52a bios. I change the compaq logo with an apple logo,flash with my moded bios with Insyde bios flash tools on win7, and now I have a beautiful apple when I start my Macbo.. Pro-hum sorry- my HackBook Pro Recently, I change my processor ( a 2.0GHz Pentium Dual Core T3200 ) with a Core 2 Duo P8600 2,4 Ghz, because I saw on the CQ70 Maintenance guide that the motherboard were all the same on all the HP/Compaq CQ70-HP G70 series...AND IT WORKS GREAT !!! At the end, and not the least, I remove the DVD Writer and I...soldered ( yes...! ) an 4 wires SATA connector on the motherboard, in order to put a 64 GB SSD for Mac OS X and my home folder + a second HDD ( in fact the original one SAMSUNG 250 GB ) It was the most important change in terms of speed . SSD are unbelievable in a laptop ! It's like driving a city car & just after a Porsche, really ! Nice day from France & good work with Mac OS X , Jérôme alias Manoooze. VoodooHDA_2.kext.zip VoodooHDA.prefPane.zip biosF52_modapple.fd.zip EZH20_Insyde_bios_tools.zip