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    802.11n Enabler Issues

    quick qustion though... how did u detemine that ur gettin 300Mbps usage in win? on my home (wired) network i run gigabit and most i ever see is about 20% or around 200Mbps.
  2. yomommanow

    802.11n Enabler Issues

    well i doubt that you'll get 300Mbps actual throughput since actual vs real for any network usage is normaly around the 70% mark. i know my mac gets higher usage then my windows computers do though... [Moderator edit - sorry but we can't be seen to promote piracy here, so the links had to go. I know it's hard, but those are the rules.] edit: nvrmnd... i just realized that n is 540Mbps max... so 300 should be doable. guess we'll have to see what the base station will do...
  3. Blackbook (first gen) 2GHz CoreDuo Mobile Intel 945GM 1GB ram 100GB hd Vista Enterprise 32bit scores..... OVERALL: 3.0 Proc: 4.7 RAM: 4.5 Grafix: 3.3 Gaming Grafix: 3.0 Hard disk: 4.4
  4. yomommanow

    What have you learned?

    ahh touche..... guess i never tried it before... couple more anoyances.. sometimes Bluetooth is turned on but i cannot turn it off (greyed out). it also dosent remeber the state it was in on shutdown because its always turned on when i boot. but thats not really of n e consequence in this early of a preview.
  5. yomommanow

    What have you learned?

    Noticed in the Desktop Background setting u can select a photoalbum from iPhoto and set it to change the background every x mins and also randomize the order. duno if this was there before but i just noticed it and its pretty sweet built in. a very useful thing is the fact that spotlight now finds apps... dont need to go lookin to the applications folder any more. cmd-space and start typin the name and it comes up. also aMsn works fine for me. biggest anoyance is no 2 finger tap for right click on th macbook. have to ctrl-click all the time.....
  6. yomommanow

    Leopard development disk leaked

    so i tried Adrians advice.... only problem is the "Install Mac OS X.pkg" aint a .pkg on the dmg i got... its an .app. and for some reason it dosent want to run as an app either. what should i use to extract from the orignal dmg? Pacifist? what i did was Extract all the files in the DMG with pacifist and then ran the commands to copy em to my usb drive... then rebooted and tried but no luck. gonna try again just to make sure.... edit.. cant spl late a nite!! edit 2 although it seems to work if u use /Volumes/<Volume Name>/open /Volumes/<Volume Name>/OSX/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg guess we'll see....
  7. just noticed that the "IONetworkingFamily.kext" is in the Extensions_Disabled_10.4.6 folder so would this then be the reason for the failed network acess?? ie the failed alias stuff? if so can i copy over the kext from 10.4.5? also how do i do a terminal copy? coming from the windoz world its takin some time to learn the slight command differences... thanx