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  1. Hello FormerlyKnownAs! Thanks for this nice work. I tried to edit - replace my DSDT file, but I get 2 errors during compiling. I realy don't know what I am did wrong. What is your opinion... should it work or do you have some motherbard specific parts within your PCI0-Code? Do I have another option to include the NVCAP-DataString. I already tried EFI-Injection,... But the string here 0400000000000b00040000000000000700000000 is in a wrong format. I don't know at the moment how I can change this string into the other data or ascii-format (AAAABBB....). Any support is appreciated...! Thanks a lot... Burzel
  2. Hi... @dlach: Thanks for the support! Based on the guide two posts ago I have solved the dual view problem! ... for 95% running well!.... Yeah...! Attached you will find the dsdt.aml I have compiled. You have simple copy this file in the extra folder! I only tested Snow Leopard. I will keep you informed about my experiences during the next few days.. Have fun and good night! Burzel dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Hi... right the system is running in dual mode quite well. In my old leopard project I run my system with DSDT.aml from signal64s, nvkush with a special addon by using this method (thanks to project-partner chrilled! ) in dual mode successfully. Now I switched to snow leopard and I think how I can implement the old leopard solution into sno tto get both screens running... Do I have to switch toanother unpatched bios? Ist there a possibility to add some informtion to chameleon... ? Do I have to downgrade to leopard... ... but I need both screens... I am very grateful about every support... Thanks a lot! Burzel
  4. Hello all, after a long break regarding my hackintosh project I started a new run based on the new amazing possibilities... ... now my system is running well on 10.6.2! Thanks to all! ... running well if I only run one screen... VGA or HDMI. Because I have an internal screen as well as my external TV that is real nasty because I want to use the big screen sometimes! I have read something a VBIOS i can load into chameleon ... but I absolutly unknown... Is there anybody who have an solution to this issue or give me a hint where I can find a solution? Thanks a lot! Burzel
  5. Hi to all.... Thanks for the answers guys... quite a lot... Together with the newbie FAQ and my new project-partner chrilled I will try to setup my first hackintosh as soon as my board will arrive. Still some questions to the crowd out there... - Is there anyone who can or try to use the HDMI and the analog port with different resoutions simultaneously? - I have an Origen X15e with an internal 800*480 anlog screen. And my HDTV need access over HDMI/DVI at 1920*1080. - Does the sound working at 100%? - Optical, HDMI, 5.1 Surround,.... - Can I use an Restore DVD or I need a Retail DVD to follow the last guide from raffitaffy? I really have to know, because I only have a Restore DVD available. Thanks... Burzel
  6. @Stan78: Thanks for your quick reply! I have to use another mac (e.g. MacBook Late 2008) and install the OS by using the Restore DVD on an external HD (e.g. USB) and put this HD into the HTPC based on the giga-board afterwords. Is this right? Do I need install some hacks an the USB-Drive bevor I put it in the HTPC as internal drive? Thank you for your support again! Burzel
  7. ...mmmmhh what does that mean? Should I use an other distro or it works only with a retail Mac OS DVD? Or I have to use boot132 together with my restore DVD? ...sorry for the maybe stupid questions.. I am quite new in the "business"... Thanks... Burzel
  8. Hi all, I want to build an OSx386 based HTPC-System. I followed this thread right from the beginning and decided to get this Gigabyte-Board - GA-E7AUM-DS2H. I still have some questions: Happliy I have access to an 10.5.5 MacBook Restore DVD that I need to setup my system. Do I need something else, e.g. second/exterbal HD? What is the best strategy to setup my system? Do you recommend this guideline to get a full working system? If Yes: - Point 2/3: Can I use my Restore DVD to install MacOS directly on the giga-board? - Point 5: How I can install Chameleon? Do I need an parallel OS like Win or Linux? Thanks and happy new year! Burzel