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  1. zNuNoz

    First tries

    Mine didn't work with ###### AppleHDA rollback, it works on lion, but not ML, so i went to a modified VoodooHDA kext that i found (guess it was on kext.com) and it work fine, no bug or noise, and even my S/PDIF is recognized. About the face time and message still no go, i use Message on my iPad, so i don't understand what you mean by "use an iDevice to 'activate' it", could you explain? Thanks
  2. zNuNoz

    First tries

    Just want to report that my GTX 580 is fully work with no edit need, just GraphicsEnabler=yes :wink2: Can't get my sound to work, ALC892. And can't add iCloud account/face time, any suggestions? Edit: -Manage to get my sound to work with VoodooHDA.kext. -iCloud now working with new smbios.plist (iMac12.2) and ethernet built in. -FaceTime and Message still don't work, if someone have an idea, ill appreciate.
  3. zNuNoz

    GeForce 8400 GS

    It's happening the same to me with my GTX 580, it show's up correctly in the System but no resolution...
  4. zNuNoz


    hi... What version did you use? i'm getting instant reboot too! What is strange to me is that by booting my installation from the USB drive that i installed ML it boots fine. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm trying to install/ recovery my old Lion install, i have upgraded my computer CPU and Mobo. I'm trying to install using this instalation method, but i get IOUSBFamily kernel Panic, also in my old instalation i get the same kernel panic. I also get Kernel Panic because of the firewire but i disable it and than started to ger Kernel Panic on the IOUSBFamily. The only kexts i have is the one recomended in the first post. i'm uploading my DSDT.aml taken from aida64 from my windows instalation, if someone could help me on this, i don't realy understant abou patching DSDT My system is CPU: 2600k Mobo: MSI Z68A-GD80 G3 (Marvel Network, ALC892) Ram: GSkill DDR3 PC 12800 16GB GFX: GTX580 (working previously) Thanks My_MSI_Z68A_GD80g3.zip
  6. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    Thanks for sharing your info and kexts, but still no go for me with your files...But i want to try again, maybe i missed something. For me is the same that append to you, when it look it as GL Acceleration the screen stay's blank with the mouse, but no desktop... I also got at some point of my try and fail experiences a messed up graphics screen full with glitches, kind like this:
  7. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    What else did you do besides installing that package? efi string? graphics enabler? Can you upload that Drivers and post them? Thanks!
  8. zNuNoz

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Anyone able to get GTX295 to work?
  9. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    Need some help... I've been trying to get my GTX295 to work with Lion and so far not been 100% successfull... First i start by trying to get it to work with de device-properties String from my 10.6.7 but always get monitor suspends, Then i tried new string that i have generated by changing the device type NVDA,Parent on one gpu and on both gpus and get stuck on grey screen with mouse that then it freezes completly. from here i tried to change/add my device id in NVDANV50Hal.kext( copied it from my kext in 10.6.7) and the system boot ok, my GTX295 is recognized but can't change the screen resolution and have no hardware acceleration, what else can i do to get my GTX295 to work with full hardware aceleration??
  10. @mrjanek will you "support" Asus motherboards in the future or will you stick to Gigabyte?
  11. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    i used the link you post to generate my .Hex when i get it to work on my 10.6.7 first time, now to generate my new .Hex i edited the dualpcb.plist that comes in there and manage to get the new .Hex, put it and give it a try, blue screen with the mouse cursor showing, nothing more, the i tried installing the pkg that you mention but it was worst, screen goes black again and then reboot it self. anyone manage to get GTX295 dual pcb to work with lion?
  12. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    Thanks MastarG, i gess i understant a little more now on what to do, didn't see that was needed to change boot device_type and have to remove the name string... but what i don't know yet it's were gfx.plist is and then what to... do i have to generate a new .hex and put it on the com.apple.boot.plist?
  13. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    Hi.... meroy i've been trying to do what you said, but i don't how to get to the device_type and all that... can you elaborate and do a step by step guide. i have a GTX295 fully working on 10.6.7, when i try to update to 10.6.8 the far i was able to go is blue screen or the screen goes to sleep. thanks in advance!
  14. zNuNoz

    Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    Hi... i had the same issue that you have, but my GTX 295 is dual pcb, solved that from my snow leo instalation, used all the kext i have in Snow Leo and put another one, EVOenabler.Kext, system boot fine but no hardware acelaration and my GTX 295 is recognized as HD4890 896MB... tryed the string in the com.apple.plist but no successe so far.
  15. zNuNoz

    Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    Hi... first my system: Mobo: Asus P5E3 Premium Wifi (latest bios) CPU: Q6600 RAM: 4GB GSkill PC12800 GFX: XFX GTX295 DUAL PCB HDD: Samsung 250GB I instaled Hazard SL 10.6.6i and then updated to 10.6.7 and used the tools from tonymacx86, everything worked great, audio, wifi, etc... also using latest chamelon to boot. for the GFX i followed the guied on post 33, did everything step by step but them when system boot when i am getting to the desktop screen gets blue and after a minute or so system reboots, if i boot with the -x and graphicsenabler=no flags system boots but after a minute or two it freezes. tryed other guides to but still no go on my GTX, with enablers i get black screen with some letters... can some one help me? thanks!