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  1. Hey! The SL 10.6.6i was released few days ago, and I tried it on the Lenovo t61p. I read that lots of people tried to make 570m work on it, w/o success.. During the installation, I noticed that dragging windows was surprisingly smooth.. so I took a look to the System Profiler, and I saw "Quadro FX 570m" in the Graphics/Display ! First time since.. who, decades VideoRam was set to 256Mo, and no other useful information. When installed, SL was running normally, (I installed it just with Chameleon RC5), but the Graphics/Display was set back to nothing, and 32Mb in the VideoRam.. Like on Leopard or SL 10.6.1/10.6.2 I know, and I'm sure we're close to make the 570m work correctly with this version, I just need to gather people to make some tests in different configurations !! Since the 570m is working on the MacOS installer, I should work in Snow Leopard too. Otherwise, Ethernet was working properly, sound is ok (you need to plug earphones at first boot, before loosing your earing abilities (Got a larsen with microphone)), wifi is still not ok.. I just test that at the moment. Cheers, -- Edouard
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    Hi, I'm Edouard! I follow this forum since long time ago about OSX on Lenovo t61p, and I can share lots of news for t61p users :-)
  3. It works boneyfish.. Thanks a lot, rly !!!