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  1. iATKOS v7 DVD 10.5.7 for Intel/AMD

    Dev Team & Fellow Community, This release is AMAZING! Best distro I've seen to date. THANK YOU! It has worked flawlessly on every machine I've tried(4PCs) except the Core i7. I have tried numerous bios configurations without any luck. When I attempt to boot the DVD, Chameleon loads and as soon as it tries to load Darwin the machine reboots. Has anyone else experienced this? the specs are as follows: Asus P6T Deluxe 6GB Corsair Dom 1600 XFX GTX260 Seagate 1.5tb in AHCI mode Cpus=1 HT=Disabled C1E = diabled Thanks, Jake
  2. Ok So everything is up and running except audio and I'm working on that as well. I found a few nice tools called Osx86Tool & Onyx that have really helped alot. I don't know if anyone is having issues with usb devices mounting after 10.5.6 like I am. I read that you have to go back to the 10.5 system.kext because voodoo doesn't have their 9.6 drivers available yet. I still cannot enable all cores & HT it hangs right before GUI. Hope all is going well with everyone else's build. Jake
  3. I had tried it after the install and just proceeded to ty the next step and it worked. Now i am working with the EFI and getting the DSDT patched. Thanks for all the help. Jake
  4. I tried it with safe mode and it finally came up and said "Installation Failed" - Mac OS X could not be installed... The Installer could not make the computer boot from the volume, you may need to select your disk using the startup disk utility. I am going to try and proceed with some of the other steps. I'll let you know how it goes. Jake ITS ALIVE!!! Even though it said the install failed, I tried the next step and it booted into Vanilla! I am now going to continue. Thanks for the help guys. Jake
  5. The Guide has great thus far and I'm sooo glad I'm not alone in this journey. Thanks for everyone's support. I've been trying to OSX to install properly and I am not on my 3rd video card as I found out that the GTX 260 and the ATI 3650 has limited support. I am now using a 7300le just to try and get it installed. Everytime I try to install it locks up the install about 99% of the way through. It says less than a minute and just hangs. The install progress bar hangs and does not move from that point. I am going to try with the -x and see if I can make it go through in safe mode. Wish me luck. Congrats to everyone that has been successful, I hope to be one of the few very soon. Thanks, Jake CoolerMaster Cosmos,P6T DLX, i7 920, Corsair Dominator 3*2GB(6GB DDR3 1600), Monsoon III, GTX260, Seagate 1.5TB,etc
  6. I believe it is an acpi driver. I am running the latest bios 1103. Thanks, Jake
  7. I hit Y to continue and it gives me a different screen and stops on this. Thank you for all your help.
  8. I bought a Leopard Install disk today and I've been trying to boot from the Slimbuild using the first set of remarks and it does not boot to the leopard install disk. It comes up saying "Attempting to Determine CPU multiplier" "Determined CPU: FSB multiplier to be 0" Says 0 but makes no sense... the kernel as shipped by apple will not support this and will cause the machine to reboot immediatly... Press y to continue or crt, alt, del to reboot. Any ideas? I set my bios like the guide specified is it possible to back up someones bios config? Thanks, Jake