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  1. As I saw on github that others are having troubles with strange memory maps and are forced to use "OsxLowMemFixDrv" and "-free200" driver I am happy to announce that I managed to boot with normal prelinked kernel (bigger in size) only with the help of "AptioMemoryFix.drv" (new one being developed in other thread). What I did was take the laptop apart and pull the cmos battery for 10s (probably a bit more). For me that was the only way to fully "reset" NVRAM as none of other techniques worked. Now I can enjoy native nvram support without random KPs (free2000). I hope this will help others with similar problem.
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    I just wanted to make a report (this is kind of cross-post from XPS 9550 Topic). I can boot the installer and safe mode with either Aptiomemoryfix and AptioFixDrv3 (with this I use calculated slide value 145), but as soon as I add kernel extensions and prelinked kernel gets rebuilt (I see the file grow from like 13 MB to 25 MB) I cannot boot A lot of other forum members had success with this laptop (It's running latest bios), so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong I’m attaching memdump output from Clover UEFI shell as well as aptiodump screengrab (Latest debug version) This is on macOS 10.13.5 (17F77) memmap.txt EDIT: After fully clearing NVRAM (by removing CMOS battery) it works fine.
  3. I just wished to thank you all on good work you put in this project. I learned quite a bit reading through the topic (although I don't understand all the stuff) I have been running Hackintosh on XPS 15 9550 with i7 6700HQ with UHD display. Somewhere before High Sierra I switched to windows and wiped my whole laptop and in the process upgraded to latest bios / tb3 / tpm firmwares and all the stuff from Dell website. Well my windows journey wasn't that cool and I wanted back in I downloaded the newest installer on my old MBPRO, made usb install, used the guide, calculated the slice for installer, installed the system and I booted into fresh 10.13.5 environment. After installing the kexts and rebuilding the caches, my "prelinkedkernel" file increased in size which is quite normal, but after that I couldn't boot anymore. Same old "couldn't allocate runtime area ..." error. I tried with "OsxAptioFix3Drv-64", "OsxAptioFix2Drv-64", "AllocFix with OsxAptioFixDrv" and in the end "AptioMemoryFix". I compiled the AptioMemoryFix with the support for "aptiodump" option in order for it to dump memory. Now I understand that each of these machines could have different memmap, but I tried turning off stuff like TPM and Thunderbolt support in bios (Touch screen, sdcard reader and vt-d are long disabled) but I'm not getting any bigger region of free memory. I'll attach memmap fro uefi shell output and the picture of aptiodump (I don't know how to capture that in text) I can boot in safe mode, and if I erase prelinkedkernel, it boots, but the problem are patches which are counting on cached kexts I was hopping if some you running similar configs could shed some light or maybe options I have (I've seen wmchris mentioned kernel sliming down somewhere, but I don't know how to preform such a task) memmap.txt UPDATE: I managed to boot with somewhat not recommended free2000 driver, it's sad but that is the only way I can boot with prelinked kernel Can some of you please share your memmap output along with bios version you are using? I'm curious about why my machine is special, and I'd like to enjoy stable driver with native nvram support