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  1. Tried compiling the Lion version, my Xcode is returning "Command /usr/sbin/chown failed with exit code 1" when I try to build the archive. Ever hear of it? Google seems to pull a bunch of stackoverflow returns but no one's suggestions seem to work.
  2. Hey Andy, just wondering if this is normal. Everything still boots alright even though it says it failed to load but figured id shoot you this screenshot anyway.
  3. byransays

    Sleep Mode in AMD

    hmm @theconnactic im still wondering how you got that working. I have my system running 99% perfect (even audio through HDMI which I know your system is having issues with) but I can not for the life of me get sleep working. Every rendition of sleepenabler and with nullcpu and without, and with fakesmc and without and yadda yadda yadda, nothing works. When I sleep the machine the screen goes black, the system stays on and I cant get the screen and desktop to come back on. I eventually have to restart to use it again. Its like a limbo between sleep and awake
  4. Yes same here, I have tried arch=i386 -force64, arch=x86_64 and both with his 10.7.4 kernel and 10.7.5 kernel. No dice with any.
  5. Hey, did you ever get sleep working? Thats all I need now but I cant seem to get it with any of these 64-bit kernels. It used to work fine with the old legacy ones.
  6. @IiTz ShAnE I read an old post of yours while looking to resolve sleep issues, and was just wondering if you have sleep working on this Lion with your kernel, or bronzovkas x86_64/i386 10.7.5 kernel. I have 10.7.3 running perfect with bronzovka's kernel, arch=i386 -force64, its stable and running well, arch=x86_64 works okay but has minor issues that keeps me from using that, mostly graphic. Anyway, I have nullcpupowermanagement and sleepenabler which used to work great when I was booting only i386 but now for some reason it doesnt wor with these new 64 kernels. Any ideas Shane? anyone? I thought it was a fakesmc issue(i didnt have it) but then I got it and no change there either.
  7. unfortunately it just crashes when I click run, no matter what folder its pointed at. well...I wouldnt say crash, it just exits. Maybe thats what its supposed to do? but there is no crash, send to apple box that pops up, nor any output from the application saying its finished. It just exits.
  8. Mines working fine ~3 hours after boot.
  9. There is a fix though...well "fix" it can help and does a great job, but sometimes it is still prevailent. You can find it in the Probook installer on t0nymaccc. I was thinking it might help you ATI kids, but I dont have ATI so I cant test.
  10. Correct, I am. I tried many different variants. Yes, did that also...it doesnt return anything, it just goes to another new line waiting for input.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion...I tried that, no avail. It should at least show GeForce.kext, but that doesnt even show up. edit: I tried looking for Geforce.kext under system profiler. Not loaded. Interesting.... Edit2: alright redid my mkext and now GeForce.kext is loaded. Although nothing found under your terminal code Instant idiot.
  12. Alright I made the next step with our cards...but before I celebrate like its working...or even worth it I need someone to tell me how I can test to see if GeforceGLDriver.bundle and GeforceGA.bundle are loaded. As they are not kexts I cant locate them im the extention area of system profiler. now the good news if they are loaded! I can boot with them loaded, without -x. I can also boot with GE=Yes and GE=No (makes no difference though) Although I have run -f and UseKernelCache=No I am still not confident that GeforceGLDriver.bundle and GeforceGA.bundle are actually loaded. So please before I can fully confirm what I did and help others get there, if you know a terminal command or any other way to test to see if the bundles are loaded, please let me know. EDIT: My findings: Well, since I've gotten this Nvidia card to boot without disabling any kexts and not being in safe mode I have tried everything in my power to try and get QE/CI to work to no avail. The last thing I am going to try is Andy's modified Nvidia Resman and GeforceGA.bundle. Interesting enough using the Zeus app and checking the driver to see if "quartz driver" is installed it states no. Now I can't fathom why apple would offer more "security" or checks between the kernel and the Nvidia kexts as apposed to the ATI cards…imo they both should work the same and have graphics glitches(due to the likely cause of the ssse3emu).
  13. Yes, it doesnt recognize my card. I cant pull information from it nor dump a rom. Since all that fails to work I dont feel comfortable trying to flash anything. Oh, I should add, it says quartz driver is not installed....now it might be because I disabled opengl kexts, but when I enabled them and booted -x it said the same thing...although, it might be because I was booting -x.
  14. Just thought id add also, I spent all day yesterday going from ML back to Lion and getting 64-bit working, Where 32-bit graphics worked great with QE/CI unfortunately I have the same exact graphic problems that happen with ML(Graphicsenabler=No leads to a loss of signal, only boot in -x safe boot, etc) DSDT didnt help one bit either.