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    disk utility problems.

    Are you able to accomplish what you are attempting to do when booted via the tiger dvd? if so then delete the contents of the following directories... /library/caches/ /system/library/caches/ ~/library/caches/ /tmp/ /var/tmp/ now empty trash. click continue many times. shut-down. try again. repair permissions is mostly a red herring.
  2. ftlbaby

    anyone try to boot dos?

    I tried to get symantec ghost 2003 (which creates a virtual partition and boots from pc-dos 7.1) to work with boot camp to no avail. That is when I stopped using boot camp and switched to the new version of disk utility in 10.4.6, which allows you to partition your internal drive as an mbr partition. Now windows xp and pc-dos boot fine. And so does os x.