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  1. [HELP] ideneb 1.4

    i cant seem to find a configuration to keep OSX86 from rebooting or at worst , kernel panic-ing .. & for some reason system profiler only reads 512 KB of L2 Cache when i have 1MB .. everything else seems to work fine , USB camera is a little slow but that doesnt bother me ..
  2. after about about a month of research and trial and error , ive gotten my hackintosh to 95% functionality . im currently using Leo4Allv3 . my ethernet works , recognized , connected . 7600gs works Full QE / CI , resolution change without corruption the only problem there is that the bus is recognized as PCI and not AGP , but that hardly bothers me . my cache in system profiler reads 512Kb , and my pentium 4 has 1MB . and my computer randomly freezes , not while sitting idle , but more often while being used . ive memtested and found zero errors , anyone got any ideas ? possibly my system is overheating ? ANY input would be appreciated . *after enabling CPUID limit in bios , Processor now properly shows 1MB L2 *after turning off HDD UDMA in bios , Crashes ( until now ) have ceased . if anyone could tell me what these two settings do , id like to know .
  3. Random Kernel Panic

    anyone ?
  4. Random Kernel Panic

    ive got Kalyway's 10.5.2 Distro installed on a Precision 360 / im using Voodoo's 9.5.0 Kernel P4 @ 3.0 GhZ w/ HT Enabled . (System profiler reads 512K L2 as opposed to 1MB when HT is Disabled) 2GB DDR400 7600GS . Sound Blaster Audigy . ive got Leopard fully functional with the exception of a graphic corruption on screen when changing resolutions ( Logging out and back in fixes the corruption ) , Onboard Ethernet works , Sound works , Itunes Works , Ichat works . i just seem to get random kernel panics every now and then .. i could go hours using Leopard and nothing , but sometimes as soon as i log on BOOM kernel panic . any ideas as to what kexts i might be able to install or uninstall to fix this ? or maybe a different kernel ? im willing to take a picture of the error message i get next time and post it next time i get KP .
  5. Intel PRO/1000 MT

    im running an installation of Kalyways 10.5.2 , Ethernet Adaptor shows up as en0 , and is labled as " CABLE UNPLUGGED " . the problem is , the cable is connected , and i seem to get a connection . Leopard just wont recognize it , any ideas ? btw ; my ethernet adaptor is an ONBOARD Pro/1000 MT .
  6. iATKOS 5i vs Kalyway 10.5.2

    thank you for your post nintenno My specs are as follows , Pentium 4 @ 3.0GhZ 478 Socket . i875P Intel Chipset 2GB DDR400 AGP 7600GS 512GDDR2 how would i go about updating my Kalyway to 10.5.5 or .6 ?
  7. iATKOS 5i vs Kalyway 10.5.2

    thank you very much .. any guesses as to why my Processor might not be recognized ?
  8. well , after various unsucessful installations of iATKOS 5i , ive decided to revert back to an older Leo release , kalyway 10.5.2 to see if just maybe it will boot , what do you know .. Kalyway 10.5.2 works , sound works , ethernet works but says cable unplugged in network preferences , even my external USB are recognized .. my P4 isnt recognized , shows " 3GHZ unknown" and but sometimes , the screen goes gray and asks me to hold down the power button .. my question is simple , what are the differences between the two releases ? id like to extend my knowledge of the two to ultimately get iATKOS 5i working instead . Thank you in advance .
  9. before anything , id like to announce that i AM new at this .. so please dont flame me . My specs : P4 @ 3.0 Ghz W/ HT disabled . (478 Socket) 2GB pc3200 Corsair PNY 7600GS 512GDDR2 60GB Maxtor Diamondmax 6 (IDE) i875P chipset mobo . My problem varies , ive tried the installation disabling SATA drives in BIOS seeing as how i have none , after i recieved my first problem " still waiting for root device " im not sure if ive solved that problem by moving my DVD drive to Secondary master , and my HDD to Primary , because instead im getting a buffer 0x5 error , where the boot screen just tells me to hold the power button off . i think this is because of my lack of knowledge in the customization settings , if anyone could help me out , it would be greatly appreciated . EFI V9 Appledecrypt SMBIOS-EFI 9.5.0 Voodoo / 9.2.0 ToH AGPGART StockACPI ive tried all sorts of combinations throughout 15 or so installations ..