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  1. Configuring boot entry order ?

    How is the order the different operating systems are shown in at startup decided upon ? Can it be changed ?
  2. It lets me choose a destination. Or are you talking about the script? The script copies to a disk called "Install".
  3. Where can I find HFSplus.efi? Thank you! I had not gotten that far: I did not realise that the default install didn't install the bootloader on the MBR.
  4. I tried this on an Gigabyte EP45-UD3P with Yosemite Beta 4, Clover r2953 and FakeSMC from HWSensors 6.11.1328. I copied Yosemite with the script for public beta, installed Clover with the installer and manually copied FakeSMC into 'OS X Base System/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10'. I also tried installing Clover into the EFI partition. In both cases I got stuck at 'Verifying DMI pool data' when I tried to start from the stick. The same machine boots under 10.6 and 10.8 via Chameleon. I am completely new to Clover. Do I need to configure something for Clover to work? EDIT: Is it possible that newer bootloaders don't work with older boards? I reformatted the stick, copied Yosemite with the script again and installed Chameleon-2.2svn-r2401 on it. Now the machine stops booting even earlier, when it just recognised the processor.
  5. fdisk440 writes only 440 bytes to the MBR [http://forum.voodoop...2.html?#msg5342 - or the whole thread for for information] This makes Chameleon compatible with booting Windows 7 from the same disk and allows W7 to sleep, if I got it correctly.
  6. Nice. I stopped trying after a while as I needed to work with the Laptop and Linux seemed to be an acceptable alternative, but I just started searching and reading again some days ago. This thread seemed helpful at that time: http://www.thinkpads...hp?f=32&t=86621 The 'Guide for T60p (2007-CQ8) 1400x1050' link seems to be broken.
  7. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    I stumbled upon a patch removing the 1.5 Gb/s transfer speed limit of the SATA port. I have not tested it yet, and it only makes sense with a fast SSD, but in case someone needs it, here's the link: SATA BIOS patch by middleton
  8. Is having two disks absolutely necessary to run Xen (or KVM) on a notebook? Or could partitions or LVM used with an SSD work, too?
  9. Does it have any influence on the boot time whether or not all extensions are in in S/L/E => kextcache ?
  10. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    I am currently thinking about getting one of those. Did anyone get multitouch to work?
  11. I got it to work via an external hard disk. Turns out installing it over Leopard was a bad idea - what a surprise Still, two problems remain: - the bootloader crashes when I press a key to access the options - with the DSDT from v3, the screen resolution is fixed to 1280x1024. I ended up using the old on, but I guess there might be advantages with the new one, as the site it comes from speaks of compatibility with 10.6.2. Or does this come from the extensions?
  12. I have encountered numerous problems during the installation: The installer would not make the hard disk I had copied the installer DVD bootable, so I followed the guide on how to hack it on the terminal. This way, I could install SL, but my normal HD was not bootable. I restarted with the installer HD, installed the Chameleon bootloader and copied the files from the extras folder to my Library, which got me to the point where Chameleon starts. When I let it go, OS X crashes before being loaded. When I press a key for advanced startup options, Chameleon hangs. Anyone encountered problems like these and has an idea on what I could do else than reinstalling 10.5?
  13. ATI X1550 - Quartz Extreme?

    It was the kext provided by super_engine in the beginning of the thread, and the package by testmusictest (with the Natit driver) got rid of the little glitches that occured with the hacked driver. The guides I tried to apply did not work out for me I guess I'll go back to OS 10.5.6 if I do not find something in the days to come.
  14. ATI X1550 - Quartz Extreme?

    The ATIRadeonX1000.kext seems to depend on the system version and to need to be hacked individually. The one I had working in 10.5.6 does not work any more. I just tried another guide, but this also differs too much from the current driver to be usable; or it might just be me… But at least I learned one thing: the „-x“ flag (safe boot mode) would have saved me from reinstalling the whole system a lot of times, as even when you broke something like the driver, you can still start up and clean up the mess.
  15. Same here with 10.5.7