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  1. AslashA

    APFS.efi without verbose boot

    crusher., Can someone make a patched apfs.efi from 10.13.4 (17E139j) - Developer beta 1?
  2. I connected the headphones (speakers) to all the outputs, but there's no sound anywhere. Only on the red output (Digital Out) is a veeeeeery quiet sound with white noise.
  3. I post the video of the system boot and system settings. The video is not very good, but it shows that your driver is loading (........32bit). But there is no sound in the system(( http://dropmefiles.com/5laj9 http://dropmefiles.com/x6feO P.S. I'm using UEFI Clover with "no CSM" in BIOS
  4. At me all perfectly works, including imessage etc. I specifically deleted the keys ROM, MLB, Serial etc. )) Your driver i'm use in Clover. The driver is loaded. But no output sound((
  5. Nothing has changed. My config is configured correctly. The problem is not in it. For example, with custom dsdt no changes. P.S. Key kext-dev-mode=1 for 10.11.x-10.12.x is no longer relevant. This key for 10.10.x.!
  6. Yes, i tried the installer pack for the driver, but nothing has changed. No problem config.plist.zip
  7. Probably the driver not correctly works with Audigy2 ZS(( ITzTravelInTime It can be fixed? Need to provide any reports?
  8. Yes. In Windows 10 works fine.
  9. Tried all of the above, but there is no sound((
  10. My Audigy2 ZS the system detect, but there is no output sound. How to fix it? P.S. Sorry for my English.