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  1. Ok, now i have tested xxx 10.5.6 + ppf1 and voodoo 9.5 v1.0 kernel... and i didnt succeed to get wifi working. i think problem is that u cant use extreme airport update, case it is only for 10.5.5 version mac os. so i tryend edit vendor id and many differend IO80211Family.kext's etc... i will try now new istallation with TOH sleep kernel... lets see if i have to go back to 10.5.5 :S
  2. i got Acer one and did exactly what is read at the begining of this topic and i used same kext + i edited com.apple.boot.plist and added -f there like this: <key> Kernel </ key> <string> mach_kernel </ string> <key> Kernel Flags </ key> <string>-f </ string> everything is working perfectly; booting, first opening KisMac -> scan and after that i choose wifi connection. I got xxx 10.5.5 with ppf1,2,3 and speedkernel. i will try next week new xxx 10.5.6 with ppf1 and voodoo kernel, hope i get wifi working again
  3. can u ppl make build-in-microfone working? i just tryed skype and no voice recorded when tested... do i need install some kext to make it working? thx for answers.
  4. my wifi is working without problem. i got aa 150, nothing have added. only updated newest bios 3309. i installed xx 10.5.5 with ppf1+2+3. after that install IO8211Family.kext from begin of this thread and make repair permission. then go to / Library / Preferences / SystemConfiguration / com.apple.boot.plist open it and edit like this, just add -f: <key> Kernel </ key> <string> mach_kernel </ string> <key> Kernel Flags </ key> <string>-f </ string> after boot u should see airport on your top bar, it should automaticly be on.. i read that -f make it on.. usually it was off for me before i add that command. now if u see that your card is on then just scan your networks kisMac r319, ofc selected airport extreme card with passive mode etc.. after u see your networks, just stop it, drag your mouse on airport icon and in while it should update networks that kisMac already found. everytime u boot u just need run same prosess with kismac and i should work fine. atleast i managed make it work, and it take only 30s before u can use your wifi.. i hope this helps u and happy new year here also!
  5. Btw is there a way to run your AA150 whit 1280x800 resolution? i can run it only 1024x600.
  6. Holy sh*t! i got my wireless working! i got AA 150. i installed xxx 10.5.5 with ppf1+2+3. after installation i tryed first IO8211Family.kext with repair permission. booted and i found my airport card.. even it turned on but didnt find any networks. after that i installed Airport Update 2008-004. shutdown. then my airportcard wasnt detected anymore, i installed again IO8211Family.kext and repair permission and added on com.apple.boot.plist -f <key> Kernel </ key> <string> mach_kernel </ string> <key> Kernel Flags </ key> <string>-f </ string> after boot i found all networks in my area and my own network also.. feels so nice . now i hope that my wireless will work after boot also
  7. Hi, i am new here and i just bought my acer one 150. I have been reading this forum before i got acer in my hands.. ofc i have now tryed install Mac os X on it.. and all i can say it went pretty well. I used XXX 10.5.5 image and patched it with PPF1+2+3 and followed install instructions from here. Now everything else is working pretty nicely for my use.. the only problem is wireless network. I tryed instructions from here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=138351 could the problem be that i didnt use vanilla kernel? i am still using voodoo kernel. and could someone say what third part SW i need for make wireless working? thx.