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  1. Hello everyone, I installed OS X 10.7.2 successfully on my Samsung R730. Everything worked perfectly. Suddenly, after I started my Notebook third party apps won't start. Tried to start system apps like Safari, Calendar, Terminal, etc. No problems at that point. But for example Chrome, TeamViewer, Adobe Flash Installer won't start. The apps jump up a few times and then they suddenly terminate (and the light in dock turns out). What could be the problem? What could I do to solve the problem? I appreciate every piece of advice.
  2. dissonanz

    Chameleon bootloader "ausblenden"?

    Ganu so! Danke! Dass der Bootloader beim Start überhaupt nicht zu sehen ist, ist bestimmt nicht möglich, oder?
  3. dissonanz

    Chameleon bootloader "ausblenden"?

    Hallo an alle! Ich nutze auf meinem Notebook nur ein Betriebssystem und Chameleon RC3. Da ich beim Einschalten des Rechners nicht darauf angewiesen bin zwischen mehreren Betriebssystem hin- und herzuschalten würde ich den Chameleon Bootloader gar nicht erst erscheinen lassen. Ist das irgendwie möglich? Meine jetzige Variante, den Timer in der com.apple.Boot.plist auf 1 Sekunde zu setzen ist mir nicht gut genug. Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn mir jemand einen Tip geben könnte und bedanke mich herzlich im Voraus!
  4. Hello everybody! I want to install OS X with Linux Ubuntu 9.10 and make a dual boot with Chameleon 2.0. I searched the board and google, but without luck. I would be very thaknful, if somebody could help me! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello everybody! I have problems with my Hack Pro (see signature). All the time I used iDeneb 1.3 (10.5.5) for it and everything was OK. But now I want to run Logic Studio 9 on it and allready downloaded iDeneb 1.6 (10.5.8). Everything seems to fine, using iDeneb 1.6, till I installed some programms on it. Then it went very very slow, like slow-motion. I used the fillowing drivers for my system, which is mentioned in my signature: Bootloader Chameleon v1.0.12 Kernel Vodoo 9.5.0 AppleDecrypt SMBIOSResolver Chipset AppleNForceATA Video Nvidia NVinject Seems I forgot something. But unfortunatelly I really don't know what. I added a list with all the drivers availibe on iDeneb 1.6. Does anybody know the problem and can help me? Many thanks in advance!
  6. As far as I know it is absolutely impossible.
  7. dissonanz

    Atheros AR 5006

    Hello everybody! I bought a Atheros AR5006 mini PCI-card for my notebook, which is also installed in MacBooks. The card is detected as AirPort, but unfortunately only in 32bit mode. Does anybody have a solution ord driver and is willing to share? Thank you very much!
  8. dissonanz

    Netgear WG111v3 (64bit)?

    Hello everybody! I am searching for the drivers for Netgear WG111 v3 on 64 bit Snow Leopard. If somebody got them, please share.
  9. dissonanz

    com.apple.Boot.plist / smbios.plist / dsdt.aml

    Das ist nett. Danke schön!
  10. Hallo an alle! Ich habe mir Snow Leopard installiert. Habe alle für mein Notebook benötigten Treiber hier. Allerdings hackt es daran, dass ich nicht weiß, wo die zwei o.g. Dateien hinkommen bzw. was damit gemacht werden muss. com.apple.Boot.plist smbios.plist dsdt.aml Und welche Verbindung gibt es zwischen der dsdt.aml und dem Chameleon Bootloader? Muss mich für die Noob-Frage entschuldigen! Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn mir jemand einen Tipp geben könnte.
  11. dissonanz

    Logic on Samsung R560

    Hi! Does anybody own the same notebook and is successfully working with Apples Logic? Greets
  12. Hello everyone! For every user with the notebook Samsung R560 and Samsung R510 we now have just one package, which solves every problem. For a long time I was searching for many different kext and drivers to get my notebook to work but I did not accomplished it until I found this pkg. All you have to do is to install the Leopard Retail DVD and this package. You will finally get a full forking HackBook. Only the brightness controll is not working but that's an established problem. If you don't know how to get the retail DVD to work, you just have to look through inanelymac. There are many different HowTo's. The developer of this package is dan1234 from the russian board AppleLife.ru For everybody, who is able to understand russian, can visit this link. Actually this package is made for Samsung R560 but I personally have a Samsung R510 and my notebook is working perfectly! Please check this link! It's the official one, or this mirrors: Depositfiles Netload Many thanks to dan1234 and to AppleLife.ru! UPDATE 10.5.8 If you have less then 10.5.7, download the Mac OS X Combo Update 10.5.8 from apple.com If you have 10.5.7, download the Mac OS X Update 10.5.8 from apple.com 1. Install the Update (don't restart!!!) 2. Open The R560_System_Drivers_10.5.8.pkg and install 3. Restart 4. Enjoy DOWNLOAD (Megaupload) or DOWNLOAD (narod.ru) Many thanks to dan1234 and to AppleLife.ru!
  13. dissonanz


    Hallo an alle! Ich besitze das in der Signatur angegebene Notebook. Meine Monitorhelligkeit lässt sich leider nicht verändern. Auf dem Forum habe ich gelesen, dass das Problem einigen mehreren Usern Probleme bereitet. Lösungen habe ich aber nicht gefunden. Kennst jemand das Problem und vieleicht eine Lösung? Würde mich sehr freuen!
  14. dissonanz

    Update 10.5.5. auf 10.5.6

    Vielen Dank! Ist schon bekannt, wie schwer wir es mit einem Update haben werden?