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  1. [Solved]Help with GeForce 7300 SE?

    try to add after F8 on the boot ==> 1] -v -f / it's low F/ 2] GraphicsEnabler=Yes 3] PciRoot=1 or 0 /zero/ 4] "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@60" 5] arch=i386 or for testing add too ==> -x if your video card has two output connectors try this on the first and then on second
  2. Preview doesn't show a picture

    ============ 100 times THANX !!!! for post#6 ,, it works on my retail-SNOW-1060 + update1061=1061 I used replacement Preview from Leo-ideneb-1057 ps. attached => iDeneb Preview-v1057 , You must to make modification of info.plist Preview_leo1057.app.zip
  3. Which Wireless PCI Adapter Works

    answare for [djxcrx88] half year ago I had this card/asus/ .The card was not bad , but asus configuration software for this card it is BIG {censored} /windows/ . Too complicated for average user. Also extra configuration is needed inside windows networking. [speed=> b/g]. Chipset is Brodcom43, what is not easy for linux too. Under Ubuntu 710 you must use many "trix" + "ndiswrapper" command. Some people complain, that they have modular speed with this card.[read google] And this can be the reason that you lost connections . I have Edimax EW-7318USg , and works very well with OSX/leo/ and linux / win -too :-)
  4. Which Wireless PCI Adapter Works

    i use " Edimax EW-7318USg " with regular intel PC good working, usb wifi card based on RT73 just plug-in , install drivers and you ..go.. take drivers from WWW for OSX , not from CD. this card works Ok , for OSX86 , Linux [ubuntu710-810 ,suse etc] , vista , Xp very universal card I did not tested under Sun-10 yet. Under OSX [ideneb-1055-1056] don't install default patch-rt73-2500, but only driver from WWW-edimax http://www.edimax.com/en/produce_detail.ph...1&pl2_id=44 =====================
  5. hallo i like to ask , how to setup scanner under Leo-10.5.6 [intel]? my scanner it's cannon u670 /a cheap one USB-1/ i used demo software [ vuescan8.5] what is working Ok , but it's not FREE. If You know any Free software with drivers for my cannon u670 please let me [us] know, or what will be other solution. Cannon brand driver is refusing to be installed /missing and library error etc./ I spend days searching the internet and newsgroups for this software, but i can not find anything. thanx for a help ps. vuescan8.5 was using Lide20 drivers for my canon u670