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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    @Mysticus Hey,Can you suggest minimum possible partitions 4 nc10(160 GB)?{I got confused by 5-6 in the guide} I've got an external optical drive And can I do all the partitioning while XP installation ?
  2. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hey toc Can you just give me your drive details please? I mean how you managed your hard disk partitions..... thanx,waiting......
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Did disconnect the drive A fat cursor appeared...... after manual reboot,winXP started In XP enabled C: active What to do next???????? (I got only 2 Partitions of my hard drive,XP and OS X)
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I will try removing DVD right after installation completes ..... But Please,Can you remember the process after the installer completion and restart.... Its not clear in the manual!
  5. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    yes, I clicked custom and checked nc10 package All setup process went fine But at the end when it tells you to restart, After restart the SAME boot option before installation {I mean the DVD ) appears No luck with F8 some process starts and in tfinally the OS X installation begins AGAIN{I did it 4 times till now}
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hey ppl, Got installation problem. I've got a USB optical drive, I started installation wid mysticus 10.5.6 Completed installation and restarted. But bootloader screen wont load up! Do I have to change the boot device priority?after mac installation? I think page no 78 of installation guide is very confusing. (I just made 2 Drives, 1 with winXP 2nd on which I installed OS X boot settings matched like,Is that a problem) Can anyone please guide me a bit on Optical Drive setup process??
  7. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Can anyone plz upload same file on "torrentz" My internet speed is very frustrating You know i was stuck on 93% or suggest any other compatible iso torrent link
  8. Samsung NC10 10.5.6 with nearly everything working!

    Can you give me the inital procedure details plzi mean which iso did you use n all that thanx
  9. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Absolutely no seeders to iso torrent Demonoid said the owner deleted the torrent What to do?????