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  1. Atheros AR5005(G)

    i have that card the Atheros, AR5BXB6 and let me warn you I have not been able to get this card to work. Again, I took this card out of a Mac Mini which is already and apple product but had no luck getting it to work in my XPS M1210. The 1490 from dell should work. maybe if you used windows to turn on the card and leave it on, while going into OSX u should not have any problems. But I dont thnk the Atheros card works. Some of them I know work but I dont think they all work as the hard ware compatibility list this card as not working.
  2. Atheros AR5005(G)

    I have tried for countless weekends to get this card to work. The wierd thing is that i took this card out of an apple mini. I came to the conclusion that this card will not work, at least it will not work with my laptop (XPS M1210). So why it's not working in my laptop under OSX is a mystery to me. Possibly because its a hacked / patched copy. That is the only reason that I came up with. to make a long story short. I gave up. I brought a compatible card. However I am still confused about why it dosen't work.
  3. convert FAT32 to Mac OS Journaled

    hey which disc are you using. I had a problem with the Jas 10.4.8 SSE3 only install DVD. DO NOT USE THIS DVD To format your hard drive. I have a 160GB partition. 30 GB dedicated to OSX, 100 dedicated to windows, and another 30 for a shared volume that OSX and Windows can both access just in case I need to transfer files to each of the parititions. I used the Jas 10.4.8 SSE3 DVD to install to my computer and to format the drive as I was using an older version of OSX. It formated the drive and installed as normal. But when I restarted I got a boot error. I used my utility cd to check to see which partition was made active sometimes the OSX partition is marked Active. So to my horror. I had Unallocated space of 160GB. All the partitions were gone! I had to recover them one by one. Do now use this CD to install format your drive. Also the way I understand it, is that OSX has to be first. it has to be installed first. That is what I did. I formatted my drive clean, installed OSX first. and then installed windows. OSX cannot be on a Logical drive or Logical Drive with in a extended partition. It must be primary. If its not primary it wont boot. I hope this helps everyone.
  4. Using the directions in the thread I was able to get it working after using various disc. I suggest to any that that continually has problems to use the disc mentioned in this thread. The others, they seem to cause problems with this laptop model for some reason. I had alot of problems with the AR5006 card. For some reason I could not get this card to work. Ironic since it came out of an apple Mac INTEL Mini. I am guessing because its not picking up the card some how. The LED for WIFI is off and the card isn't detected. So I ordered a 1490 MiniCard from dell and had it shipped the next day. Cost me 39.99 and DELL didn't even charge me shipping. I installed it the minute I got it and OS X detected it immediately. At first it said not configured. I then went to network preferences and it came up as a new detected interface. I didn't have to load no kext drivers or anything it works prefectly. Even my sound works perfectly I am able to watch movies and all. Much thanks. Now if I can only get the other things to work... SD reader, CAM, Scroll...
  5. Yeah I am going to second that I had alot of problems with any other disc I used except the one mentioned in the guide. At one point, with the other disc I could not even use my USB devices like hard drives because they were not even being detected. My ext mouse was not even getting detected. Untill I got CD mentioned in the guide I was able to follow this guide and everything worked.
  6. How did you get both cores to work. Thanks for the information. Does that Slot load DVD drive fit into the XPS M 1210. I got everything to work except wireless and I think I need a new wireless card. But sound and all works perfectly. I can even use my external mouse with its own scroll makes things alot easier. I have not gotten the scroll zones to work. Sleep also doesn't work, I think that is something that has to do with the driver.
  7. so is it possible that I have to remove the card, install OSX and then install the card again? It is the same card that was in the Intel Mac Mini. The other thing is that I am not sure which kernel I have installed or which is the best to use for the Dell XPS 1210 which is what I am installing it on.
  8. well at one point it would not install badly. The CD that I have used to work but all of a sudden it started mis reading my pci express devices. I am going to try again tonight. Is it possible that I need this kernel patch any way. Is it possible that this patch would help me with my devices as well? I am an american in india so its not easy for me to find these parts, I would have to have someone from the US bring it for me. i am going to get the 1490 since alot of people are reporting success with this. I dont understand why this card isn't working. Go figure it came right out of an Apple Intel Mac Mini. So I am confused in that even I am still downloading another cd to see what will work in this one. Any other advice would be helpful. I have started to download the CD but here connection speeds are horrible to say the least so its going to be another week before I get it completed. What files can I replace to get it to detect PCI devices. There is no info in the NetworkInfterfaces file should I add an entry my self. Or is this happening because my PCI devices are not being detected. I am not sure guys,
  9. ok I can use all the help from you guys as possible. I am so confused .I have a 10.4.5 patched cd that crashes on boot, I think this is the JAs 10.4.5 Patched cd that doesn't boot. Then I also got the JAS 10.4.8 Intel AMD SSE2 SEE3 Beta V2 DVD, Has any one used this dvd with the M1210? I can get video to work and just about everything. I on a few ocasions got the ethernet to work. But forthe life of me I can't get wireless to work .Now I know there is a problem with the Intel 3945 cards that are in there. So I took it out and put in the same card that was in my intel mac mini. Only when i put this card in the M1210 I can use it in windows but I can't use it in OSX. It is detected as a Firewire interface. I checked the Plist files for the vender ID and they didn't match so I put it in there. I checked the NetworkInterfaces files and there is no interface for en1 or en0, everythign is for Firewire fw0. When I got to network preferences I do not see notihgn but built in firewire enabled. I have done the steps in the forums for the cards with the Atheros Chipset and nothing happens. Sometimes I even get a kernel panic. I really want to install it on my dell XPS because my mini died. and I have alot of application I would like to use. I am also getting a 10.4.8 SSE3 only dvd to see if that changes things. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Atheros AR5006 wirless on PXS3

    I am having the same problem but its on The JAS Intel DVD SSE2 SSE3 Beta V2. Infact for some reason my USB stopped working. This is so confusing so I dont even know where to start. At first things were not working . When I tried the steps that were given here I got a new interface detected but its not a network interface instead its a firewire interface at one point I had two fire wire interfaces. In Networkinterface.plist. There is no entry for any network interface the only entry that is in there is FW0. and it doesn't link to any of the AirPort ( Atheros Kext files) so I think I am stuck.
  11. Atheros AR5005(G)

    I dont understand why this is happening I tried everything in here and I even tried looking to see if everyone else was having the same problem. I get a new port detected but its showing up as a Fire wire port. I have 2 fire wire ports I am not sure how or why this is happening .I have the same files I also edit the Netowork interfaces and En0 or en1 isn't even listed. There is just one entry and its for Fw0 (fire wire 0) I am not sure why this hard ware is being identified incorrectly. Also, The kext says load succesfully when I do a kext load but at started up it says that it was not loaded successuly. I am really confused, and not sure what I should try next. I took this card out of the Apple, Intel mac mini that I have.
  12. I have tried it and I got an icon but no ability to control the Wireless card.
  13. What are my options

    I am in india and here it takes a long itme to download any thing I got the 10.4.8 patched cd downloading now with SSE3 only for my dell XPS 1210. do I have to down load this dvd? as I already the original version of the software. As well as i already have in my posession a 10.4.5 CD MYZAR. Can I use this and some how update it? How would I update if I decided to install from 10.4.5 on the dell XPS M1210.
  14. Help with Built in LAN on Acer Travelmate 8100

    I have the kext files he sent them to me I can send them to you too if you send me your email.
  15. crontab

    Mac OS X. This the problem my isp requires that I log on every 6 hours. I dont know why they require that but they do. ( I am in india) and if I dont log on every 6 hours I get disconnected. I figured out that by using Curl to post the data to the web server it would keep me connected. Only now I am having two problems. I created a shell script that would keep me connected but: 1) if I get disconnected from the router (wirelessly) then the Mac Mini wont reconnect. 2)the script doesn't run when its suppose too. I need it to run every 4 hours. I think its running every 4 minutes. This is just a cronjob for my username. Should I do a system wide one? Thanks for your help.