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  1. Anyone got 1280x800 with ATI HD 3200?
  2. ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    I have 3 computers at home with ATI HD 3200 (RS780), 2 laptops and 1 desktop. The desktop and 1 of the laptops(from my brother) has hdmi, but mine doesn´t. (HP TX2510us) If its the HDMI who let work, i may have hope in having QE/CI on my laptop? =] If someone help me to mod the kexts for my card, I can test it and we may have the response if is HDMI the responsabile. I tried to mod myself, but there is a lot of things that i still don't understand, so if someone can help me would be very great =] My laptops' HD 3200 Device ID is: 9612.
  3. ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    Just Tell what you need so and we help =]
  4. ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    Testers for Mobility HD 3650 or to any Mobility HD? I have Mobility HD 3200, if you need it for tests, just tell me =]
  5. ATI Radeon HD 3200 Drivers

    Its not suported or no one made a driver for it? There is HD 3200 for desktops too. ~topic Waiting drivers too.
  6. SB600 AC97 SigmaTel Codec ID: 83847645

    Hi everyone, I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my machine with the following specs: AMD Phenom X3 8400 ECS A780GM-A V1.1 HD Sata 80GB Seagate 2Gb Ram DDR2 800 XFX Geforce 8800GS 384Mb Its running perfectly, only some programs like iWork that unexpectedly quit, but ok. The biggest problem is that i get no sound. I've tried every [How to], Tutorials, everything that I found to try it make work, but nothing. Still NO Sound. I don't know if didn't work because i did something wrong or because its not intended do work. So i came for you, that know Macs much better than i do, to try solve my problem. I've founded out this: SB600 HDA Controller Mode: AC97 Manufacture: SigmaTel Codec ID: 83847645 Codec Revision: 1.004 The HDA Controller has Vendor ID 1002 and Device ID 4383. Thank you very much, Edson EDIT: Today I looked at System Profiler, and got this on Audio(Built In): Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x10192816 Audio ID: 12 Available Devices: Microphone: Connection: Internal Speaker: Connection: Internal Microphone: Connection: 1/8 inch Jack I dont know what should I do with this Device ID, 'cause its different from everyone that i founded.