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  1. HP Mini 1000 or Dell Mini 9

    I can say that at mydellmini.com 's forum they have a super slick intalll pack development there I have my dell mini running OSX everything works , except it doesnt sleep, this is due to the SSD dell uses, but still at 4 hours of movie watching on long flights its doent bother me that it doesnt sleep.. it does kill the screen but not full sleep.. They have everything working , bluetooth even the card reader full audio support etc.. I like my dell mini more than my macbook.. its suck a perfect platform for OSX. The install is basically a boot 123 process, hook up external dvd rom, boot the boot cd ISO you download then incert the retail lep. deisc and install.. then reboot type a command and boot leport, then run a patch file that takes care of all patching, reboot and its good to go.. i have not looked for support of the HP mini but know the Dell min and the MSI wind are the best developed for in OSX. I know the MSI wind has a nice install pack made also, lots from the dell mini developemnt was created fromt he MSI stuff. there hardware is very simular.. One side note the MSI wind has real hard drive so its got way more storage space , for me the 16gb in my ssd is fine but if you plan on storing all your music and stuff on the mini , youll need a bigger ssd or external pen drives or something.. However the Dell mini with ssd is super quiet.. well it makes no noise, not a single fan or moving part so its dead silent.. the wind you will hear the drive spinning etc.. I love the durability of the dell with no hard disk or moving parts it very durable.. the wind could be killed by a drop etc.. and its so quiet.. However the large hard drive int he wind is great too..
  2. Leo4AllV3 Dell Studio Graphics and WiFi

    Hey can anyone confirm or deny that fire wire is indeed working , Ill buy one of these right now to upgrade from my OSX dell mini if firewire works.. need to pull in video somehow from camcorders.. FIREWIRE does it work? Yes or no .. please confirm
  3. Wierd USB issues

    OK so my hackintoch was functioning perfectly, everything audio use external USB drive Thumb drives video everything.. my Iphone .. everything was perfect.. for a week or more.. Now I have USB audio and keyboard and mouse working just fine, I can add other usb keyboards and mice with no problem, but it wont recognize any USB hard drive, thumb drive or my iphone.. Any one have any idea whats going on with my USB? Im running Kalyway 5.5.2 FYI on a Dell XPS400 for hardware except I have USB dongle for audio as the sound hardware was not compatable, and a Nvidia 7300 video card. Its not the hardware, under windows it all functions normally. And in OSX I see all the working USB hardware (keyboard mouse sound) and I can move the keyboard mouse and sound around to diffrent ports and OSX sees the changes.. I just cant see any other devices like thumbdrives and harddrives and worst of all my iphone? Was debating on adding in a PCI USB card to see I that worked but would need to order one to test this.. Any ideas?
  4. Wow i just prices all the needed parts at new egg and it totaled $178 that's a great little machine for under 200 bucks! Great Tutorial!!!
  5. I wanted to report back about the little BTX USB Stereo audio sound card linked above, it works great out of the box no drivers just plug in an boot.. as expected from USB.. and its small enough to not take over more than one USB port.. I may order the breakout box soon to get more inputs and surround sound but its said to work on OSX too.. However the little USB stick style is nice and compact for basic audio support, and the price cant be beat! Happy Hackintoshing , Mine is running perfect and everything works. Now to do the mini dell netbook
  6. Any one try these yet? BXT USB Stereo Audio/MIC Sound Card - http://www.buyextras.com/asusbstausoa.htm There 7 bucks so I ordered one, seems like a super easy almost guaranteed way to get some audio working.. they also have a 7.1 surround sound version for a extra dollar. http://www.buyextras.com/asusbvi7suso.html I ordered the 2 channel version, for testing.. I assume it will work as its USB.. I'll report back with results. This is for my Dell xps400, I can't for the life of me get the factory audio working.. others say they have, even tried there linux dumps and even dumped my own.. still cant get it to work... so this is the simple solution to the problem.. or so we shall see. I also just found out that this is mac compatible via the discussion on this Amazon page.. I may just order this for the added inputs. http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-USB-SND8-8-C...d/dp/B001D1PWGM