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  1. Model: MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2011) About a month ago, I've managed to spill some juice onto my MacBook Pro. I've drained it, opened it up and cleaned it. After waiting a day, I've fired it up again and everything worked perfectly. After about 4 days, the keyboard short circuited and got stuck on one key so I couldn't do anything. I've tried cleaning the keyboard and ended up killing the whole keyboard (including the power button). I've ordered a new one off eBay, installed it but for some unknown reason it does not work. It's pretty much the same thing - no keys and no power button. Caps lock doesn't light up either. What could be the issue? The logic board works perfectly with an external keyboard but not having a power button is annoying. Is the new keyboard incompatible (the pins on the connector seemed a tiny bit thinner)? I think the keyboard came from the same kind of a MacBook but a different model. Or could it be a logic board issue?
  2. VooDooHDA Volume Control/Mute Quickfix

    Try using mine VoodooHDA
  3. VooDooHDA Volume Control/Mute Quickfix

    Are you sure you're using the latest version of VoodooHDA? What is your default output device?
  4. VooDooHDA Volume Control/Mute Quickfix

    It should say that , but you should be able to hear sound if you configured everything correctly. Did you forget to chose "Speaker / Headphones" in the Soundflower menu? Is Soundflowerbed running?
  5. Okay , some of you might be using my modified VoodooHDA to be able to control volume. This works fine but it has it's own disadvantages. Recently I found a new workaround for that. Install VoodooHDA (if it is already installed skip this step) If your volume control works turn it up to maximum , if it doesn't - leave it Install Soundflower (http://cycling74.com/products/soundflower/) Go into System Preferences > Sound > Output and change your output to Soundflower (2ch) Launch soundflower , click on the menu bar icon and change the 2ch device to "Headphones / Speaker" It fixes Mute/Unmute and Volume control completely PS: Don't forget to add Soundflowerbed.app to your login items
  6. To restore volume on unmute I need to know it's previous value (before mute). I should store it somewhere and then re-allocate it on unmute. Sorry if the above stuff didn't make sense
  7. Sleep is known for messing up sound drivers severely Thanks to HBellens for compiling it for 64 bit.
  8. sources function which changes the volume : void VoodooHDADevice::gmixerSetDefaults(PcmDevice *pcmDevice, UInt16 newVolInt) { logMsg("gmixer setting defaults"); for (int n = 0; n < SOUND_MIXER_NRDEVICES; n++){ audioCtlOssMixerSet(pcmDevice, n, newVolInt, newVolInt); logMsg("Control integer::%p\n",n); } //if (audioCtlOssMixerSetRecSrc(pcmDevice, SOUND_MASK_MIC) == 0) //errorMsg("warning: couldn't set recording source to microphone\n"); } volume change handler : IOReturn VoodooHDAEngine::volumeChanged(IOAudioControl *volumeControl, SInt32 oldValue, SInt32 newValue) { IOLog("VoodooHDAEngine0.1[%p]::volumeChanged(%p, %ld, %ld)\n", this, volumeControl, oldValue, newValue); int ossDev = ( getEngineDirection() == kIOAudioStreamDirectionOutput) ? SOUND_MIXER_VOLUME: SOUND_MIXER_MIC; PcmDevice *pcmDevice = mChannel->pcmDevice; mDevice->gmixerSetDefaults(pcmDevice,newValue); return kIOReturnSuccess; } pastebin : http://pastebin.com/f75f00c76 will post the 64 bit version on wednesday (the one after wednesday the 14th)
  9. I will try compiling it for 64x later
  10. Version 2 : Mute now works Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=483c425...d71ee60c1ce7296
  11. You only need this if you can't control volume (slider changes but volume doesn't) with VoodooHDA. This fixes the internal volume control via a lame method Instructions : 1 . Remove your current VoodooHDA.kext 2 . Install this one This fix basically relinks volume control from Speaker to PCM Version 2 : Mute now works If you have any problems , reply sources : http://pastebin.com/f75f00c76
  12. Volume control does not work on voodoohda thats why i want to get my old applehda to work
  13. I'm trying to boot up SL with my old AppleHDA which worked in 10.5 but in here it causes a kernel panic. (panic (cpu 1 caller 0x2a6ac6): Kernel trap at 0x5cca9ff0, type 14 page fault) (com.apple.driver.AppleHDA(1.4.0a23)) (That AppleHDA is for IDT Sound Cards) What am I doing wrong?
  14. VoodooHDA volume problem

    Voodoo HDA problem (with IDT audio) The only way to get my audio to work I've got so far is VoodooHDA kext (for snow leopard). It isn't as good as my old AppleHDA kext but at least it does not cause a kernel panic on boot. Has anyone got a solution for getting OS X's volume control to work? (At the moment it works but doesn't change the volume) ps. i think i've posted that before but in the wrong section
  15. The only way to get my audio to work I've got so far is VoodooHDA kext. It isn't as good as my old AppleHDA kext but at least it does not cause a kernel panic on boot. Has anyone got a solution for getting OS X's volume control to work? (At the moment it doesn't change the volume)