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  1. Yup, the machine is a dell inspiron 530,intel quad core model, i got 2 sata HDD in it, nvidia geforce fx 8500 512mb, what do you suggest ? I'm just confused because all the leopard distro's ive previously tried ive had no problems with, and now this one won't even let me in to the installation :-(
  2. Basically go to boot the disk i get the apple logo saying its loading, then i get this white box with a stop sign in it, ive burnt the disk exactly the same as i did with the rest of my distro's that worked, so why isnt this loading?
  3. Edimax EW-7318USG Wifi adaptor

    Hi i just got a ew 7318usg which we all know has osx drivers I'm currently on ipc 10.5.6 when i bring up the railink utility it says no device, can anyone here help? EDIT - i just turned the computer of, unplugged the adapter, then re-attached it, powered up my machine in to ipc 10.5.6, and tadaa, the ralink utility had found my network and now i have internet. Great out of box solution that works, for your wifi needs. can not argue at £10
  4. Okay currently the only way i can get it working is using my friends windows xp home cd after doing a FAT32 format during the windows installation on a 32 GB partition. Im looking in to getting a 500GB hard drive for my macbook soon, to take advantage and split the windows & OSX partitions equally. Also when i try to use my old backup copy of my xp pro cd which i lost the original copy of, the install always fails after copying and tells me there is a disk error ? any ideas as to why this is ? as i have a valid key still and wish to use it. If anyone can help answer these for me id be greatfull, and just general tips i should know when using bootcamp.
  5. After ages of trying i still dont understand how to do this, i really hate to be a pain but would someone be kind enough to write up a step by step guide for babies on how to get the WUSB54G working, or at least point me in the right direction.
  6. I've got ver 4.0 of this adapter, and i came across a thread on this forum which i cant find now, that actually got it working, and i had it working on a previous Hacintosh install. Now that ive used a new Distro of OSX ive come back here looking for the solution but can not find it. I think i remember reading that only ver 4.0 chipsets worked because they were the only ones compatible with the railink utility.
  7. Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    Problem solved, i reached in to funds and made the jump..........i bought me a real macbook dont regret it one bit
  8. Just purchased logic studio 8 - looking to buy a real mac

    Thanks for the advice, i think il be purchasing the white 13 inch macbook and just upgrading it myself when i get the money. On a side note i currently have a PNY Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT 512mb on iATKOS 5i Leopard 10.5.5 and i cant seem to get QE do you know of any solutions ? ive tried a few but none seem to work Which graphics cards are commonly the easiest to get fully working QE with the least hassle ?
  9. Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    Which graphics cards are the most commonly supported, and cause the least hassle then ? , i may actually go and buy another.
  10. Quartz Extreme:Not Supported Nvidia geforce 9400 GT

    I have exactly the same messages as what your getting on an attempt on install, its frustrating because ive found solutions but none of them seem to work for me, unless im going wrong somwhere
  11. Got QE and CI on 8500GT running (10.5.6)

    I cant seem to get this working on my 8500 GT 512mb, can somebody give a guide thats in baby steps for a newbie in distress on how to do this I'll be extremely gratefull as i have just purchased a retail copy of logic studio 8 for £270 and im unable to use it untill i get QE enabled :censored2: :censored2:
  12. Quartz Extreme:Not Supported Nvidia geforce 9400 GT

    Im having exactly the same problem and feel your pain, only difference is im using the 8500 GT 512mb, apparantly it is sortable, but none of the solutions ive come across seem to work yet
  13. My main problem at the minute is i cant get QE working on my hackintosh graphics card. I have just purchased Logic studio 8, and am now considering buying either a macbook or macbook pro. If i purchased the new macbook with the geforce 9400 will QE be enabled & supported ? basically i want to know if i can get away with buying the macbook and adding my own ram and hard drive to max it out, or will i need to go pro?
  14. Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    I have the same issue, ive just bought a retail copy of logic studio 8, i have a nvidia geforce 8500 GT on iATKOS 5i leopard 10.5.5 and am desperate to ge QE working as i just spent under 300 on the software
  15. Heya im really baffled by this one, mainly because i have little experience with macs as probably alot of people on here do. My WUSB54G shows up in the system profiler which im guessing is a good thing, i installed the railink utility but it says no device found. I've been desperetly trying for days now to get this working and trawling through this thread to try and understand the solution but i just dont seem to understand it, could someone please explain to me how to get the WUSB54G working in newbie baby steps please lol bit by bit and applicatin by application This really is starting to drive me up the wall now lol