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  1. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Hi, that my situation: I have three netbook two Samsung NC10-N130 and one Acer Aspire One A110L, all with 10.6.8 same setup. I patch DSDT same way (add PNLF) but The Samsung have _BCM _BCL _BQC in DSDT Aspire no. The result is that Samsung have Brightness from slider and fn Key (F12/ins) (also sun icon) working. Aspire have slider that move fn key (F12/ins) (also sun icon) The number change also in ioreg (the number are the same 0x400/max-0x0/Min, and change the same way in samsung and Aspire ioreg: three press down give the same value in ioreg 0x340) but brightness not changing. I can use fn arrow up/down but with no sun icon as without DSDT to dim (no sun icon also in XP and Ubuntu). The brightness is controlled directly from BIOS and the step are written in BIOS in fact the minimum value change in different BIOS version (I read it somewhere) The brightness is controlled from EC. I can see in rw everything one number (EC 66/62 reg 51 (81)) change from 00 to 09 during fn up/down key pressure, and if I write on it the brightness change. So the question is: can I add _BCL _BCM _BQC to aspire DSDT? Can I discover the name of register for store Brightness and if yes how can I find it? Maybe BLVL? Or there is no hope to use vanilla brightness on Aspire One? PS: I have look inside DSDT from a MacBook (Gma3100) and from a MacBookPro (8600M) and there are no _BCL, _BCM, _BQC on both so I hope is possible also on Acer, but my knowledge is very poor and I'm stuck here. DSDT_N130_AAO.zip
  2. Hi humph Thanks again for your IOAudioFamily:kekt Work OK here. About AppleHDA, I try the way of legacy.kext in E/E and regular 10.6.2 in S/L/E. Work Ok (also mic noise reduction) but this way the boot time pass from 30 sec to 60 sec So finally I use this new one (no bin patch) in S/L/E The boot time is ok and the noise reduction is still present (note that if you put in E/E you loose the noise reduction) I try also to change LineIN into ExtMic Inside PathMapRef but noting change. I than change the ConfigData (according to THe KiNG guide) from 81 (LineIN-Ext) to A1 (Mic-Ext) From 01471C10 01471D01 01471E10 01471F90 01571C30 01571D10 01571E21 01571F01 01871C20 01871D10 01871E81 01871F01 (LinIN-Ext) 01971C40 01971D01 01971EA0 01971F90 (Mic-Int) To 01471C10 01471D01 01471E10 01471F90 01571C30 01571D10 01571E21 01571F01 01871C20 01871D10 01871EA1 01871F01 (Mic-Ext) 01971C40 01971D01 01971EA0 01971F90 (Mic-Int) This way I see under System Profiler instead of LineIn ExternalMicrophone/Headphone-iPhone But if I insert a Headphone inside the Mic jack (I don't have a mic to taste) or a regular iPhone Headphone/mic I loose the jack sensyty and the input arrive always from internal mic so no lucky also this way. Ciao AppleHDA_alc269_Snow_Leopard.kext.zip
  3. Hi Humph After a long time i'm here again Now audio is ok thanks to you I have made a 10.6.2 version of AppleHDA Now mic work well for me (I made some changes inside Layouts and PathMaps) It Give me only a sound error at boot relatet to the AppleMikeyDriver.kext plugin not loaded. Please give a try. I attach the IOAudioFaamily that i use, I extract it from last netbookinstaller, and I modified it into info.plist from 172 to 179. If you can share yours "real" 179 version you make me happy (I try to compile myself but with no lucky) AppleHDA_10.6.2_alc269.kext.zip IOAudioFamily.kext.zip Ciao
  4. Hi, all depends on the audio device, first you must know exactly the type of audio codec inside your pc. (you must have a codec_dump from a linux live-cd) If you are lucky you can find a kext on the net for your card. If not you can try to use the guide, (in this case I can try to help you (as I can)).
  5. Hi I have some more questions How you use the modded IOAudioFamily? Can you explain to me how modded IOAudioFamily really work? Because i read the mydellmini.com/forum but I haven't understood well. (Mute?) I install the kext but i need to pass the verbs in order to have audio at boot, maybe it work after sleep, but my N130 don't have sleep working so i am not able to test. At this point I use a script to automate the sent-verbs at boot time but is not the "way I wont". I try to make a 10.6.4 version of kext but i never know how to patch hda for the 33 "wrong" coefficients (ipis forum) I know that is only a one-bit-change (20 to 21) but i don't know witch is the corrected one. So I stuck at this version. You say, in another forum, that the hda give you some sound assertion at boot time. I have seen difference in codec dump pin number, from N130 and EEE1000H, maybe yours is different too, so the kext may be adapted? Thanks again
  6. THANKS humph, it works as you say (of course changing the device memory address). THANKS AGAIN ! !
  7. I have read the realtek alc269 datasheet end connectet to the output there is a embedded amp present only at the speaker output maybe the problem is that this amp is not powered and i don't know how to do. alc269_datasheet_1.4.pdf
  8. Hi MadTux, I have a Samsung n130 (alc269) OSX 10.6.4 I also have Aspire One and Samsung nc10 OSX 10.6.4 First: Thank to The King, To You And IPIS Forum I collect all the information of the 3 netbook (codec_dump codecgraph verbs) using the same linux installation on a SD for the codec-dump to be sure to use the sane driver under linux. I start using appleHda from ipis ( appleHDA v1.5.7a24 patch for ncoeff=33 ) I then compared data for pin from the working driver for alc268 (Aspire one) and alc272 (Samsung nc10) I adapted to my codec that is a bit different from the one for eeepc ( Internal mic on node 25 for my card 18 for eepc) so also the ConfigData must be adapted to work on eeepc I use generic DSDT for HDEF so no HDAEnabler on my system now i have : Internal mic WORKING Line In WORKING Headphone WORKING Speaker NOT WORKING the text load correctly without hda error during boot I then try all the think i can do but ……..i m not a programmer i don't know were look at, if i compare, inside codec_dump, the value found for the node 2-12-20 and 3-13-21 are the same (and are also the same of alc268 and alc272 ) So why the sound came from pin 3 to pin 21 an not from 2 to 20? the only think i can see is that The difference between the 3 codec is that the output pin 20 is: < [Fixed] Speaker at Int ATAPI out EAPD Detect > for alc268 and alc272 < [Fixed] Speaker at Int ATAPI out EAPD Balanced > in alc269 codec. so the solution can be there? I don't know nothing for "Balanced" One think more: the n130 have only one speaker inside (connected through balanced mode?) instead of two maybe the issue is related to my hardware maybe not so if there is a eeepc user i can give a try to the 1000H version included in the attacment (the kext contain HDAEnabler so for testing delete all the anther audio kext and also you don't need to edit DSDT) I attach all codec-graf-verbs kext alc268-alc272-alc269n130-alc2691000H many thanks ALC269_Test.zip
  9. HI here running xxx 10.5.5 on my AAO, Voodoo 9.5 I use voodoo because is faster then vanilla Using AC Power everithing is working ok (audio ok whith no intermal mic volume control but mic working tested in Skype) My big issue is that i have many kernel panic on audio call working on battery. The solution is to remove the battery ktext (ihave tested different version of "battery" ktext). The problem is that in this way i d'ont have battery meter and is a big issue on a netbook I think the problem is how is setting powermanagement (I try to change parameter on PowerManagement.bundle/com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefaults.plist tryng to assign the same parameter of AC Powre to Battery Power, but no luck) Some of you have the same problem? Any solution? Thanks (Sorry for my bad english)
  10. Ciao Io ho installato in un disco usb. Ho collegato all'AAO un lettore usb da cui faccio partire l'installazione e un disco usb. Faccio partire il computer, premo f12 per scegliere il disco da cui avviare (scelgo CD/DVD USB) Faccio partire Utility disco, formatto il disco USB (GUID/HFS+ e assegno un mome al disco che non contenga spazi se no non viene riconosciuto dall'intaller). Al momento di scegliere il disco su cui installare scelgo il disco usb. Una volta finito lo faccio partire con F12. Volevo sapere se voi avete il mio stesso problema di panic causato dall'audio alimentando a batteria Mi rompe questa situazione perchè con la configurazione attuale alimentando a corrente la macchina è stabile e soprattutto ho l'audio che funziona con tanto di mic (senza regolazione di volume) testato con skype. Al momento la mia configurazione prevede kernel voodoo 9.5 che rispetto al vanilla è 40% piu veloce grazie all'utilizzo dell'HT (GeekBench 920 contro 640 del vanilla) Sono fermo al 10.5.5 perchè il 10.5.6 mi ha dato problemi di panic relativi al seabelt (montando alcuni dmg) e in più nel pannello preferenze non posso selezionare il doppio click per il pad. Oggi proverò a fare una l'ennesima nuova installazione su un secondo disco USB provando altre combinazioni di kernel ktext audio battery Ho provato fino ad ora varie Kaly Iatkos e xxx
  11. Salve Ho installato 10.5.5 sul mio AAO110 Tutto bene se alimento a corrente, mentre se alimento a batteria ho dei continui Kernel Panic quando riproduco dei suoni (quando provo anche solo ad alzare/abassare il volume). Ho notato che il problema sparisce se elimino il ApplaACPIBatteryManager.ktext, ma ovviamente niente batteria. Questo potrebbe avere e che fare con il modo in cui il sistema gestisce le opzioni di risparmio energia quando gira a batteria. Ho provato a vedere dentro PowerManagement.bundle se modificando il file com.apple.SystemPowerProfileDefaults.plist potevo assegnare gli stessi valori di defauult alle varie configurazioni (AC Power-Battery Power-UPS Power) ma nessun miglioramento. Una altra cosa, non riesco a eliminare l'opzione di diminuare la luminosità quando funziona a batteria nel senso che se anche tolgo la spunta sul pannello non cambia niente. Qualche idea? Voi avete questo problema? Grazie