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    owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    Nope, no webcam. The sound is also a bit weird, we need a more customized voodoohda. Right now you have ~20 diffrent options in the sound pref. panel.. But it's working. Any progress on DSDT?
  2. abdersfisch3r

    owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    BIG UPDATE: I decided i wanted to share a complete guide how to get a 99% working system dual booted (Windows 7), running like a real Macbook Pro. First create a USB install stick (can be done with a external harddrive too): a. Find ( from the web) or make a .dmg of your Snow Leopard install disk. b. Partition your USB in 2 partitions using Disk Utility. Both Mac OSX Journaled in a GUID scheme. BOOTLOADER shuold be at least 200 MB. c. Name the first one BOOTLOADER and restore the Snow Leopard dmg to the second one. d. Install chameleon RC what-ever-is-current to the BOOTLOADER partition. Then when it's done, copy everything from my extra folder (at bottom of post) to the BOOTLOADER partition. Let it overwrite everything. e. Create a Windows 7 USB install stick (needs to be min. 4 gb) (google for how-to) f. Boot your SL install USB up (hold esc at boot). Click extra tools at the top (Hjælpemidler in danish, dunno what it is in english) and open Disk Utility. Partition your harddrive in 2 partitions, one Mac OSX Journaled and one FAT32. IT HAS TO BE IN GUID PARTITION SCHEME! g. Install SL to the Mac Journaled partition. It's gonna say it's failed, but don't worry. Shut down and plug your WIN 7 USB in. h. Boot your WIN 7 USB. Choose custom install, and format the FAT32 partition. If it says it can't install to it, reboot, and try again (that fixed it for me). After it's done reboot again, and boot you Snow Leopard USB. In Chameleon choose your Mac partition. i. Set up your Mac. Afterwards, download this package: Mediafire link run it, and just click "next, next, next". Afterwards, install UpdateEFI app. Open UpdateEFI after it's done installing (it's in Applications > Extra Tools or something like that("Hjælpemidler" in danish - again, don't know it's english name). j. Choose Basic Changes, type your password, and copy my Extra folder (attached at bottom of post) to the Finder window that opens. Overwrite. K. Click "Unmount partition and finish" in UpdateEFI. Leave it until the UpdateEFI icon dissapears from the dock. L. Now boot into the Windows 7 USB again. Select language and click "Repair my computer". Select Windows 7 and then choose Command prompt. Write this: (Partition Y is your windows partition, disk X is your harddrive (don't choose your USB) diskpart list disk select Disk X list partition select Partition Y active exit exit Then you should be at the recovery menu again. Choose the first option. When it's done, click shut down. m. Boot into Mac again and download this folder: ChamInstaller and unzip it. n. Now open Terminal. Write: sudo -s (Type your password) cd ~/Downloads/ChamInstaller ./EFI_Active.sh When it's says it's done, you're DONE! You can now boot your mac or windows partitions as you want when you boot up. EXTRA FOLDER: http://www.mediafire.com/?wgdyfvhnwgo THE ONLY THING MISSING NOW is a reliable shutdown. Sometimes the shutdown works, sometimes not. THIS CAN BE FIXED with DSDT patching. If you know a geek who can fix this, LET US KNOW. Then we will have a 100% working Hackbook Pro. If something isn't working right, or there's errors in the guide, let me know.
  3. Progress continues in the Asus c90 owners thread.
  4. abdersfisch3r

    owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    Just found this thread. I'm glad to hear you could use what i've found out. I just managed to dual boot (Windows 7 and SL 10.6.3), the only thing that's not working 100% now is shutdown. I think the only way to achieve a fast, reliable shutdown is with DSDT patching. Does anyone here know how to do this, or know anyone who can, because i have no idea how to do it.
  5. Finally everything is working! I made sound work by installing VoodooHDA into /System/Extensions (Yeah, i know, not 100% vanilla, i don't care anymore, i just want it to work) and put voodoohdahelper into /Applications/Utilities and set it to start when I boot up the computer. And now it works! The sound keys (Fn+F8) doesn't work, but I can use the volume controls in the menu bar.
  6. UPDATE: I almost have everything working. CREATE INSTALL USB/HARDDRIVE: Format USB/External harddrive in GUID with two partitions one called BOOTLOADER and onother with no name. Restore Snow Leopard DMG to second partition. Install Chameleon on BOOTLOADER, add attached kexts to /Extra/Extensions. Boot from USB. Format internal harddrive as Journaled (In GUID), and install. After install, install chameleon to Mac partition, and add kexts from bootloader to main partition. Wireless card only works in 32 bit mode. (Boot with arch=i386) Weird.. The only thing i have left is sound. I have the Realtek ACL883 card, but it doesn't matter which kext i choose, it doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas? I can live with the 32 bit only wireless, but if anyone knows a solution it would be nice. Extensions.zip
  7. Hello all! After one of my friends saw my Hackintosh'ed MSI Wind running perfectly, he asked if I could install Retail Snow on his Asus C90s. I checked the specs on it, and thought it would be pretty simple, because most things would work out of the box. I made two partitions on my external harddrive, one called BOOTLOADER which i installed Chameleon 2.0 RC3 on and another one without a name i restored the Snow install DVD onto. I then put the following kexts on the BOOTLOADER partition: (I have used Kext Utility to create the .mkext) AppleRTC.kext Disabler.kext fakesmc.kext IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext & PlatformUUID.kext And here comes the problem: I can't get the touchpad and keyboard (both PS2) to work during install (or after for that matter)! I have tried MANY kexts, first VoodooPS2Controller, then i tried all of the hacked ones in the post in the Genius Bar. I then found this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&p=855336 But none work! I have searched and searched and searched, but now i decided to make this post, to see if any of you geniuses know any better. SPECS (taken from Windows 7): Mouse: PS/2-compatible mouse Network: Atheros AR5008X Wireless Network Adapter Marvell yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet-controller GPU: NVDIA GeForce 8600 GT (supported via EFI strings in com.apple.boot.plist i hope?) Keyboard: Standard PS/2-keyboard I have a USB mouse, by the way. The problem is that the keyboard doesn't work at the "Set Up Your Mac" window, when your first boot up Mac OS X.