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  1. [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    DIdn't work in my case. After typing -v (for verbose) in the initial part of the install, of course lots of cryptic text whizzes by. But before I could see what's wrong, it reboots. Tried doing it from scratch the 2nd time, same result. Using the GM, by the way, on an Asrock G41M-VS3 + Q9550 + 4gbx2 ram + 9500GT. The process is very similar the way I did it in Lion, using MaLd0n's guide. I din't have a problem on that one. Oh well ... back to work in the meantime ... and will wait for someone who could install this on the same hardware as mine.
  2. Replaced the TP-Link wireless card with an Asus WL-138G V2 and now it's workging!!!
  3. That was the easiest, fastest osx install I ever had!!! P5QL Pro, Q9550 (read as a 3.8ghz!), 4gig DDR2-800, 7300GT. Got so excited and ran the 10.6.2 combo udpate I downleaded earlier. Restarted just fine. But my TP-Link WN551G disappeared, not recognized at all. Sound looks ok, but sleep doesn't seem to work. Gotta work on this some more. Meantime, back to my 10.6 Universal install for work. Many thanks for the guide!!!
  4. Would appreciate help on the bios settings, please? If someone could pls post the details like they do at Lifehacker ... Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the detailed guide! I wonder what I could have missed. Maybe some BIOS settings? My build can't boot the OSX installer on the USB, gets stuck on the Apple logo with that "no entry"-like symbol above it. P5QL Pro + Q9550 + 2x2gb DDR2800 Kingston + 7300GT 256mb + 120gb Seagate SATA. Thanks! This happened to me. At first, I used a CF card on a USB card reader, trying to do it from an MSI Wind Hackintosh. (Must be a slow card, coz it took almost 3hrs to recover dmg to card.) Then I borrowed a 16gb usb disk, still same problem. But when I tried it on a real Macbook, the Chameleon installed quickly on the USB disk. But when I now tried to install on the P5QL Pro, it gets stucked on the Apple logo with a small "do-not-enter"-like symbol above it.

    I tried Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 for AMD EFI on this board with an Athlon 4400+. Yesterday's basic OS install was a success, but the Hackintosh virgin that I am, I don't know what to do with the drivers yet. With builtin video, I can only do 1024x768 when native resolution for my 19" widescreen is 1440x900. No audio, no wifi using a PCI Realtek RTL8185 (I don't use cables at home). But it was a joy coz I couldn't get OSX to install on my Biostar A690G-M2. The NF61S is on my wife's PC. Wasted all day exploring Hackintosh yesterday. Maybe when I have the time I'll explore some more.