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  1. I used wubi to install ubuntu so is that technically not a partition?
  2. I have been getting interested in trying OSx86 on my ASUS EEEPC 1005HA netbook. But I have seen that some have to delete exisiting partitions (then reinstall again) to get it to work. Ideally I would like to just install it on my external hard drive. Either way I just rather not mess with reinstalling again. So is it possible to create another partition without deleting my existing partitions?? Thanks and wow tons to read but everytime I see a video of my netbook with OSx86 I am impressed!
  3. Oh really?? I thought it was onlu with 10.4.1 and vmware. If that is the case..I might go to native much sooner...
  4. For now I don't want to do native. I just want to play with it in vmware. I have (here is the exact filename just incase...just got it this week) the "MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz.iso" file. Do I follow part of your instructions or is a little different to just have run on vmware?? Thanks!
  5. Callisto Technical Discussion

    If anything got it to work with 10.4.1...let me know.
  6. Now i am thinking to do the vmware install to natively...it looks easier...
  7. Ok...well i was trying to make this work (I did it all right!) with 10.4.1...but it doesn't work. Edit?: I wish it did so I wouldn't have to do anything else... So now I decided to install 10.4.5 or whatever natively using an external hard drive...
  8. Ok...my only probleme now is when I do the lines from 10 and 11...I am never asked for a password.
  9. Yeah I am using Vi. I will try that...
  10. ok, I figured out the edit it within terminal. what is the command to get out of editing? So I can continue with the other commands?
  11. Ok cool I will read it again. All this stuff is beyond what I am capable of so brain is getting overloaded. I will keep you guys posted!
  12. Could you tell me how to edit it? Sorry to keep repeating myself...
  13. ok i found the id but how do i edit it??
  14. I atempting to do this. I got lost on the ID part. I am using VMware, I got the wifi and ethernet to work. Now I got to get this resoultion up and running! I am fine with the slower speeds as oppose to native. This is just for fun...
  15. Upgrading from 10.4.5 to 10.4.6.

    Would this work with 10.4?