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  1. 10.5.7 Released

    Updated my iPC install directly from Software update. All that needed to be done was to reinstall the audio driver. (iPC distro & Gigabyte G31M-ES2L mobo).
  2. Agreed, like I said earlier the sheer number of apps available for Win as opposed to OS X is ridiculous and it can sometimes be frustrating trying to track down an app & Gaming well its non existent. I do see your point about blog publishing though Word. Have you tried any other apps for your publishing on OS X? Also check out Transmission for OS X, imo it is better & faster than uTorrent (which I use on the Win side).
  3. The news of Mac viruses in the wild is not new news, so your post has me wondering...Did you have any anti-virus software installed on your mac? ( ie. ClamXav, Sophos, etc...) Being a multi OS user (Win, OS X, Linux) I have learned, especially coming from the PC side, that anything I download should be scanned. That being said, all of the OSes have some strengths and weaknesses, but since we are discussing OS X I’ll keep my post & comments aimed at it. I have never been an huge Apple Fan Boy & Flag Waver, but I do use the OS & it has some great advantages, one being the ease of use. So far no other OS comes close. To install an app all you do (for the most part) is drag the app to whatever folder you want to run it from, it does not get easier than that. Compare that to the app install process on Win. Also, based on what you said above (having to reformat your HD), think of the amount of time it takes to install any Win OS from the formatting stage to the point where everything is completely functional, don’t forget to include the time for installing all the drivers, patches, security updates and then installing all your Applications. Now compare that to the time spent doing the same (on the same machine) for OS X...honestly there is no comparison...OS X wins hands down. The stability of the OS is another huge plus, being Unix based makes the OS rock solid whether your running an iMac or a Hackintosh. Then add on the fact that there are not many viruses in the wild for OS X yet and you really have a system that’s hard to beat for everyday users. Another advantage is the "smoothness" and feel of the OS itself and the app for it. I have to disagree with you on Word for OS X, I think it is better than Win Word 07. Word 07 tries to be fluid and easy to use but it falls short. Now for Win, we all know what it is capable of, including gaming where OS X falls flat on its face (Hooray for dual booting!) and the sheer amount of apps available. By default, it is for most of us, the OS of choice because of the simple fact that many of the applications that we need to use daily at work or school run on Win, it’s all about Market Share. But with that huge market share comes all of the viruses and exploits, if you were trying to cause major havoc on a system which would you target...unfortunately Windows wins this one. For me the best solution is to have them both...Win for gaming and any apps that I cannot run from any other OS and OS X for my everyday use. My suggestion to you... Keep them both and make sure you scan from here on out!
  4. Best Webcam?

    I just picked up a used Xbox 360 web cam (at Game stop for $19.99) and it works great right of the box, no need to install any drivers for it. The only downside is that there is no built in audio. But imo it was an upgrade from the Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX, which i was originally using. This Logitech performed poorly, even with the Macam drivers for it.
  5. About this Mac

    One way to fix it is by using the "OSx86 Tools Utility". Open OSx86 Tools Utility, click the "Modify This Mac" button and click on the "Restore Strings System Files to Defaults". Or you can try the restore CPU & Restore Memory options. Those should do it for you.
  6. Excellent Guide! Can you send send me the link to your Boot CD? Thanks in advance.