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  1. http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=1848 People have found out that those x1600s in the MacBook Pro's are actually significantly underclocked. To be exact, instead of running at the default 470mhz core and memory, it is instead running at 310mhz core and 278mhz memory End result? Your MacBook Pro has less fillrate than if it had a Radeon 9600 inside it. People have managed to unlock it in Windows XP(no luck in OS X yet) with some interesting results. The card works perfectly normal at its default specs, although after an hour or so of graphics intense work it does get a touch hotter. The big thing though is you lose roughly 30 minutes of battery life with it set to default speeds due to the internal fans spinning up more. So, it *is* understandable why Apple underclocked the x1600. But, that said, they never made any mention of it, so you are buying your MacBook Pro expecting to get x1600 performance, but you are actually getting performance more on par with a Radeon 9600. This underclocking does not happen in the new iMacs, it is MacBook Pro Laptop specific on all current models. Again, I can understand why Apple did do this. A little more heat and 30 minutes of battery life is pretty significant. But, I am very disapointed that they are basically advertizing one level of performance but selling you something less because they don't specify anywhere that they are doing this.
  2. I put this one together earlier today and figured I'd share. Enjoy! For reference this is a modified version of Metroid_Water by Fatal Mantis
  3. Solr_Flare

    Working nVidia cards

    Geforce 4 ti4600 works just fine. Yeah I know that's not exactly top of the line, but those with older systems or just assembling a machine out of spare/cheap parts, you're good with this card.
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    just updated to 10.4.6, anyone else notice how fast

    I just did this myself so here you go 1) Backup your frameworks folder just in case you need to restore if the new frameworks you add in cause problems. 2) reboot your system 3) when you get to the boot options darwin screen choose to start with a '-s' (minus the ' of course) 4) when it finally loads up to the command prompt type: 'cd System/Library/Frameworks_Disabled' then hit enter 5) Now type: 'cp -R *.framework/System/Library/Frameworks' and hit enter 6) Let it finish up the copy then reboot your computer and let it start up normally. 7) If you get into Mac OS X ok then everything is working, Almost there! 8) Launch the Disk Utility program in Applications/Utilities 9) Select the Drive/Partition that you have OS X installed on then click 'Repair Disk Permissions' After that finishes up you are all done If, for some reason Mac OS X doesn't boot or has problems, just follow the same steps as above only this time go to your backed up copy of your Frameworks folder and copy *that* back into frameworks. That will restore you back the way you were. Also note you can copy individual files one at a time from the disabled folder into frameworks, the above method is to just do them all at once. Enjoy!
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    Perfect Install 10.4.5 on IC7 Max 3

    Minor update. I just successfully applied Myzar's 10.4.6 patch and got my system fully up to date. 5 stars to everyone involved with this. The whole process has been almost completely painless
  6. I just completed my first and perfect install on my Abit IC7 Max3 PC using the Myzar 10.4.4/5 iso. The install process wasn't absolutely flawless so let me give a heads up if anyone else tries this: When I used the machine for Windows/Linux I had my hard drives plugged into the Raid IDE sockets but not RAIDed. I just used them as spare IDE plugs which was fine. *However* OS X can not see hard drives plugged into the RAID slots, they have to be plugged into the main Primary/Secondary IDE slots. Switching things around was a simple matter after I realized what was happening and OS X installed without a hitch after that. Well sort of but it wasn't OS X's fault. I accidentally unhooked the power to my CPU Heatsink fan when moving cables around in the machine. About halfway through the install my system temperature alarm started sounding lol. Thank goodness for P4 throttling. The only thing not detected by my install was my Soundblaster Live card. However onboard audio works just fine so no problem there. Here is my setup and thanks again for everyone's work here. Intel P4 Northwood 2.26ghz 533bus cpu 1gb DDR 266 RAM Abit IC7 Max3 Motherboard Nvidia Geforce 4 ti4600 128mb AGP video card Seagate 70gb 7800rpm PATA Maxtor 20gb 5400rpm PATA Onboard networking/Sound HP CD Burner Creative DVD-rom drive Floppy USB Keyboard and mouse. Everything runs very fast and slick and the only driver modifaction I had to make was upgrading to the latest 1.5beta macvidia drivers which worked a-ok. At this point it's just application installation and configuration.