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  1. Mac osx on Dell Latitude E5400

    Thanks Wobbly, VoodooPS2 solve my problem, now i can see them running over nicely , thanks a lot and i appreciated, how voting mechanism works here? because i really want to vote for you !! I have another case and i don't know whether to open new thread or continue here !! But let us assume this post for help Latitude E5400 from scratch. Oh well, now OSX works only with BIOS option to set the SATA operation as AHCI not ATA, any explanations to this, knowing that windows will works only on ATA just in case to keep the old windows still around. Thanks
  2. Hi All, i have installed OSx on dell Latitude E5400 running but with out the internal Mouse and keyboard, however external do. what kext should i load so the K/M will work perfectly. And please help with kext for Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN, i am most appreciated. Thanks I just want to add, i installed iAtkos 10.6.3, thanks to this team for their great job.
  3. hello is it possible to host 2 domains in Mac os x server , so that all my users can have 2 different email id stored in same server, both domains are having same public ip address. in other word is the concept of virtual hosting going to help out here ? any help will be appreciated
  4. hello thank you Dice, it is really helps out, and just matter of time and i post os solving the concept. one more thing!!!!! how to rate useful post? Alaa
  5. Hello i don't know whether this is appropriate board for this case or not, any way running os x server with slowness in workgroup manager , server tools, could some one please advise knowing that ,other server tools run smoothly. thank you.
  6. os x server migration

    thank boss for ur ultimate help and advice, but i think some thing is missing and that nothing but (pronoun (we)). Alaa
  7. hello could some one please advice in installing Active Directory service for os x server that must mange file, printers, and ftp for small organization. and documentation and usefull links for packages will be appreciated. thanks
  8. hello iam a newbie, and i want to migrate from client to server , what packages needed, could some one please advice konwing that iam running os x 10.5.6. thanks