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  1. Has anyone had any luck getting a hd3800 up and running with SL? The few sparse posts I've been able to find seem to indicate that only the 4800 is working with SL. Looking in S\L\E, I see a ATI3800Controller.kext. So far I've tried the following with my 3870, all to no avail: Using EFI_Studio_Extened, GFX strings with the Vanilla 3800, 3800_Magadolon and 3800_Triakis. Removing S\L\E\ATIRadeonX2000.kext and loading natit.kext by itself, and natit.kext and EVOenabler.kext together. BTW, 10.5.8 worked like a charm with the 3800_Magadolon GFX string.
  2. stuck at AppleIntelCPUManagement

    Same issue here, stuck at the same place. -Intel DG35EC -Ati 3870 -Chameleon RC2 on EFI partition, with only: fakesmc.kext NullCPUPoserManagement.kext OpenHaltRestar.kext Update- I have been digging around a little further, and I believe my issue is my Video Card (hd3870). If I insert the gfx strings (that work with 10.5.8) into my boot.plist, I get past the hang at AppleIntelCPUManagement. Unfortunately at that point my screen goes black and the monitor flashes a warning message that it has lot its signal. If I boot with the gfx strings, I get past the hang at the AppleIntelCPUManagement but my screen blanks out, it I remove the gfx string my system hangs. Only the gfx string seems to get me past the hang, removing the gfx string and installing natit.kext or booting with either -v -x or -v -x -x32 has no effect.