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  1. Well your probably right DarkLight, i wouldnt like to damage anything in a perfectly new computer. I would appreciate some pictures tho when your done.
  2. Seems like there is no good way of using the Apple PSU then really but im still interested in Smoothy Boothy's attempts to do it. But otherwise its just easier to get a 450W Supply rip out the internal components and just use the case? Some more info on this would be intresting and if Smoothy succeeds or if anyone else have done it, a guide maybe?
  3. Nice project, im personaly going to fit my pc in a G5 case but i would like to use the original power supply if possible, and is just intrested in if someone have done it and have some tips about it. P.S Do anyone have the specs on the 600W G5 PSU? Amps and everything.