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    New version (r2905) fixes the "ParseTagDate Implemented" error. Unfortunately, still cannot update High Sierra without the help of Clover. The Updates download and installs in the App Store, but upon reboot it can never complete the installation and the update re-appears in the App Store. Booting from a Clover USB boot disk immediately after the first App store reboot reveals a new drive (or partition?) labeled "Install MacOS" on the hard drive. Selecting this boots into the Apple installer which then allows the update to install successfully. I don't know much but it seems Chameleon doesn't know about or cannot see the temporary "Install MacOS" created by the Update after the first reboot. Thanks again for all the hard effort in keeping Enoch updated. It's greatly appreciated!
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    Don't know if this is related to chameleon/enoch but with the latest High Sierra supplemental update (Oct 2017) the bootloader errors out on loading with the message "ParseTagDate Implemented". Pressing enter allows enoch to continue loading but the bootloader shows "10.13 (UPGRADE)" and the supplemental update still appears in the App store and it never can complete, like it's stuck on the Upgrade mode.
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    AppleHDA for Dell Latitude E6400, IDT 92HD71B7

    Sierra kext works beautifully on 10.12.2. Thanks for the update!
  4. Woohoo! My quad screen dual EVGA GeForce GT 620's started working again after the 10.2.2 update!!! Switched to older 8400GS's since going to Sierra but decided to try the GT620's again after the latest update and cards are now fully working with acceleration. Still no success with the GT610, but I have to admit I haven't tried very hard. Will do further testing with the GT610...
  5. dafob

    AppleHDA for Dell Latitude E6400, IDT 92HD71B7

    10.11.6 works great for me on the Latitude E6400, but doesn't work for 10.12. Any chance for a newer Sierra update?