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  1. About this Mac

    Cool guys, got this going on my Mini 9 with 10.6. Thanks a bunch Eddie.
  2. SOS! I submited registration to Apple

    uh, no, you have to tell them your CC info and stuff when you sign up for a mobileme account, you never have to submit a credit card for just registering, and it doesnt matter if you provide legit info or not, they are one of the few companies that respect your privacy, and dont really care about if your using a Mac or hack.
  3. The Original post with the text file listing needs to be updated to the latest versions that are working, and the Dell e1505/Dell 6400 and Dell e1405, along with the Dell 9400, need to be added to compatibility, since most if not all (some Latitude models, and Vostro) use the Rioch controller, and therefore are compatible with this. Thanks! Have you tried the Dell Post installer by sonotone? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...aded&start= Check that out, should fix your problem if this isnt working...
  4. iWeb 09 Problems

    Never mind - solution found - its a QE issue.
  5. Install OSX from 4GB Sandisk Cruzer

    never mind, the damn thing wont boot from USB for some reason, i hate Dells. Just gonna run Linux on it, so w/e. Mods - close this please.
  6. iWeb 09 Problems

    I did a clean install of iPC 10.5.6 and got everything working except QE, and installed iLife 09, and its still doing it. When I opened the tab for the upload settings, it flashed black, so I would assume its either a driver issue or QE not working. For some reason most 3D stuff doesnt work, fullscreen flash is laggy, so Im assuming im running off of a bad driver. Anyone got a confirmed Nvidia GeForce Go 7300 128MB Driver? I would assume that anyone else having the issue with iWeb should be having some QE issues as well. Go into OSX86 tools and Enable QE if not already and see if that helps.
  7. iWeb 09 Problems

    It says its enabled in OSX Tools, but i doubt it is. No resolution so far, Im getting an iMac for college so ill take the retail disk and try that, my copy was a pirate version, so that could be the cause...
  8. Can someone please give me some good and reliable instructions as how to get a image of my osx disk on to my flash drive? I have a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer (3.8GB formatted), and I was going to use this to install on to my dying Dell Dimension 3000. Im using iPC 10.5.6, and I tried using my install to "Restore" the image to the flash drive, but it says its invalid. I compressed the image to get it down to 3.6GB and went to Restore it, and it says that its an Invalid size. I dont have anything else to go and boot off of, and the computer I want to install on has no DVD drive, only a CD-RW. Help please?
  9. iWeb 09 Problems

    I just installed iPC 10.5.6 (kalyway 10.5.2 wasnt cutting it for me) and then iLife 09. Everything is working in iLife, albeit a bit slow when running on one core, but nonetheless working. Then I tried to open iWeb. It opens and goes to the select Template page just fine, but when it gets to the actual edit page, nothing shows up. When you move your mouse it acts as though theres content there, but it wont show it. Help please? This is so far my only issue with this install of OSX86...
  10. SMC Fan Control

    Hey I have a Dell e1505 thats hot when OSX is running and I know SMC Fan Control is like SpeedFan but for Mac. It wont install on my system for some reason, tells me its not compatible. Im running Kalyway 10.5.2...
  11. Hot Temperature

    I have the same problem with my laptop with OSX86 on it... try to get SMC Fan control installed... Thats an apple fan app...
  12. Successful Install on Dell Inspiron e1505 Everything working except wifi (intel 4695agn) Screen Native @ 1680x1050 Audio working fully - headphones recognized when plugged in - have to be unplugged to reset if left in at boot Keyboard & Trackpad working - scrolling still buggy/not working Bluetooth - Working, buggy Overall, I am happy with it, and am in process of porting some drivers from Linux and Solaris to get my stuff to work... Hopefully OSX will come a bit further...