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  1. Its not safe if you've got the sleepenabler kext. Got one GA-EP45-UD3LR and unable to boot. EDIT: removed the offending kext and rebooted. No sound.
  2. Hi! Tried to use your new motherboard CD creator tool and it doesnt work, I made a screenshot of the error to see if it helps:
  3. Hey! I used your guide to build some hackintoshes, veeeery easily and with 0 problems at all. So far 3 complete and easy installs. I have a GA-EP45-DS3 board too and I'm thinking if it would be possible to use your guide to install SL on it. Is it? Very much thanks in advance !
  4. Mmmh, well, turns out that the disk was not powered... I powered it and Time Machine works perfectly now. Sometimes stupid things happen! My bad.
  5. Hey, MrJanek! Thanx again for your method! I bought a beautiful Antec Solo case for my build, and now my hackmac is leopardy and beautiful! And working 99%... ... but I've got a small problem, when I try to connect to the networked time machine that we've got at home, the system complains: "Time Machine can’t access the backup disk “Backup iMacâ€. The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 2.)" So if anyone here knows a solution I will be grateful! The time machine is not from apple, is a FreeNAS box with a AFP share. I think its well configured, because the other mac we have (a real iMac from Apple) connects and backups just fine. The problem is with me or with my network card kext? On the network preferences panel the card is listed as "Ethernet" and not "Built-in ethernet" could that be the problem? My system specs: CPU: Intel 1.93 Core 2 Duo RAM: Kingston 800mhz 2GB (1 stick) Mobo: GA-EP45-U3DLR HDD: Seagate SATA 500GB Graphics: Nvidia 8800GT 512MB Running Snow leopard 10.6.2 according to MrJanek awesome tutorial Note: I did not update the bios to v7. Thanx in advance! By the way, using FreeNAS as a cool (and very cheap) Time Machine/Networked storage using spare parts is a good way to recycle them! I can write a guide or provide links for anyone interested!
  6. First of all, Mr Janek, THANK YOU. A big big thank you: installation was easy, smooth, perfekt. Just had to buy the new mainboard (the rest of my hardware was 100% compatible), pop the USB and follow your instructions. I can also install the last .2 update with no problems! All works perfekt! The easiest method ever. Big thank you again sir.
  7. First of all. I love tech and innovation. Then DiGiCiD@L said "they are now starting to look more like a designer handbag manufacturer than a technology company". Couldn't agree more. The beauty of tech innovation is making something more powerful, more usable, more eco friendly without increasing price tag or decreasing good looks. Or making something completely new. Recently: eee. Making something prettier and therefore much more expensive just for the sake of it is vacuous. And a ripoff. If I buy a Gucci handbag (to continue DiGiCiD@L example), I do it because I want to be exclusive, because I'm rich o I pretend to be. A 10€ handbag carries stuff exactly as well than a Gucci one, because in handbag world, function is something secondary. You cannot sell more of them because "mine carry stuff better". So, moving this concept to computers is useless, because some work better than others. So I think that here's where Apple, from my point of view, is wrong. And I'm talking strictly about hardware here. Love Leo, that's why I'm here.
  8. Msi Breaks out the photocopiers

    Yes. That makes us see at what insanely high margin apple sells its crappy hardware.
  9. Totally agree. Replacing a whole imac just to upgrade its potential is stupid, expensive and not very ecologic either. If I want a to bring new life to my PC, I just have tho change the CPU or the GPU, o whatever I please: my case, keyboard, monitor, etc will remain the same. I spend less money to achieve the same level of performance with less money and less envoirement damage. And what about the "buy obsolete hardware at premium price"?... its SAD business, Core i7 is already on the street, and from today Phenom II, and the fastest thing you can buy on an imac is a Core 2. Or a quad xeon on the pro models, which is a server (WTF) chip, requiring registered RAM and so on. Got a Quad 6600 Core 2 with an Efix chip, couldnt be "computationally" happier. Ecology and bucks fellaz. And remember: we're on recession. Apple just doesn't make sense right now.
  10. Face recognition? Well, Picasa has it since version 3 and for free. And now Picasa runs on Macs. 17'' Mac Pro? About f***ing time! But where's the hardware consumers want? I say mac new mini and some kind of "mac mini tower". And "upgrading" itunes music for 0.30ct? I don't know if you know it Mr. Apple, but we are on recession, a big one f***ing recession, don't you know that? So, that must be for free, considering that DRM was a an annoyance nobody wanted and you, Mr. Apple, forced down our thorats. And I was hpoing price reductions. Everybody is doing that, because, again: we are on recession. Lower prices = more sales.
  11. What's the point of that osx86 then? I thought that was "forcing" Apple somehow to license their beautiful OS to use in our PCs. If that's the case, the Psychostar (or whatever they're called) thing is a logical step. And the netkas and other hackers issue: so you're complaining about Psynuts not giving them credit. I agree to a certain extent: who are those people anyway? Does anyone know Netkas or JaS or others, apart from their nicknames? If they're complaining about Psy*** not giving them credit, is then credit all that they're looking for? Is that a question of ego? About seeing their little nicknames written on the net over and over? I mean: Psy*** has done wrong not mentioning them. a But I also feel that they're a bit childish about that "give me credit" stuff: they have to know that they're a lot more meaning for us than Psy***. That being said, Psy*** has BALLS. And that's also needed. I ask again: What is the ultimate goal of osx86? If it's only about fun, you can have more healthy fun than hacking OSX. I want to think that is enabling somehow OSX on our standard computers, and a see our loved osx96 hackers as pioneers of a less dark and monopolistic era, and Psystar the grunts with balls that broke a taboo.
  12. Hi. I'm trying to connect to a Canon s6300 printer which is attached to a D-Link DP-300U print server. I went to www.canon.es and downloaded the drivers. Double clicked the dmg, did the same with the pkg, and rebooted. The printer doesn't appear on the list when i try to install it. I installed the last version of gutenprint hoping that there was the driver. No luck. I tried to upgrade the firmware on the D-Link. No luck. I tried to use the canon s630 drivers that came with osx, hoping that a 0 less on the name wouldn't make much difference. No luck. What else can I do? Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Can you please help me?
  13. Freelance money.

    I am a freelance designer who has decided to take himself more seriously. I need a good piece of software to keep track of my finances. It has to have client management, some kind of calendar, task management and money tracking. It has to be simple to use and not to have too much unneeded features. I prefer the program to be free, but a price tag about 50€ is fair business for me. I'm starting my carreer so I'm... poor. I gave Ibiz a try, but I want to try other programs before taking a buy decision. What program are you using? Do you have some advise on the subject? I forgot: Thanks in advance !
  14. I tried it and works on my hackmac. Brilliant. Now I only need an easy way to sync the contacts on my gmail accont with Address Book. Is there an esay way that DOESN'T involve exporting the contacts on strange formats (CSV) and editing the fields manually? 3