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    Not sure if remote screen sharing is considered heavy traffic but I would notice every time I would go to vnc to this new Hackintosh box it would connect then freeze (the connection drops). I go to open a terminal and ping and nothing responds. Move the cable to another port and have it pick up a new IP and it works again. To try and rule out any other component potentially causing issues I luckily had some single port Intel gig PT cards lying around. I tried your e1000 driver and that seems to be a bit more stable so far (had some similiar connection drop issues until I deleted the inteligb.kext). It's been up and running since Friday afternoon and I can still VNC to it over VPN.
  2. surrealillusion


    I yanked both quad port NIC's out and used the two onboard NIC's (which are also the same chipset) and made the addition to /etc/sysctl.conf. Remote connectivity worked for all of about 15 seconds then it froze again.
  3. surrealillusion


    No packet errors and it appears to happen at random times. Network connectivity appears to die after trying to use Screen sharing (tried it twice so far and each time I lose connectivity to the system). Interestingly enough if I swap to another port and get another IP things start working again.
  4. surrealillusion


    Thanks for working on this hank, I finally have working ethernet on my X8DAH+F motherboard (both Intel gigabit quad port NIC's show up as well). One thing I am noticing is that after using network based applications for a while it stops responding. Are there any logs I should be looking at to identify what the issue is? Web browsing, SMB access, even something simple like a ping doesn't appear to work.
  5. surrealillusion

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Without seeing the log file it's a bit of a crapshoot as to what is going wrong. I ran across a similar error myself and when checking the logs it was complaining about a file that was from the modified bzip2 that was supposed to be copied over from the Lion install package to the usb key. Comb through the logs towards the beginning and it will tell you why it can't conintue.
  6. surrealillusion

    GA-G41MT-D3 FIRMWARE 1.3ver Full Lion GM (11A511) Install

    I tried using the method here and I get kernel panics booting off the CD. I am using Hackboot 6.2 to boot with the following hardware: Q8400 CPU Gigabyte G41MT-D3V 8 GB DDR3 RAM ATI 5770 Any specific boot options and did you reset your bios to complete defaults when installing?
  7. surrealillusion

    anybody installed OSX on Supermicro X8DAi ?

    Any updates on this? I'm considering ordering the X8DAi to build my own Octocore and was wondering if you made any further progress with the build (getting sleep to work, etc). As long as the system can be powered down and restarted properly I could live without sleep.
  8. surrealillusion

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    You'll have to bear with me I haven't followed the scene in a while (after I got my first hackintosh running smoothly I stopped messing around with DSDT editing etc. What are you referring to when you mention pfix? well normally after that message the screens should go blank as OSX goes to load the gui (it does when I have use the boot cd). I haven't tried VNC'ing into the machine but my hunch is that the issue is with trying to get the gui going my boot.plist file is pretty much empty right now. If it makes it interesting at all, I used a SL retail install disc, proceeded to drop the 10.6.5 combo update and using Cartri's boot CD and the recommended version of Cham I can boot to a desktop with both DVI displays. My two focuses are trying to identify the issue with not being able to use the DP as a 3rd display, and having a corrrupted display when coming back from sleep. Good call with using VNC, I am able to see the desktop so it's definately an issue dropping Kaybl's boot.gzip file onto the root of the drive. If I restore Cartri's bios I can boot to the desktop. What I noticed when checking the Graphics/Displays my card is no longer detected properly. I will try some of the other bl's but there were two ppl in the Gigabyte Mac bios that were saying they had success using Kaybl's bl with Cham
  9. surrealillusion

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    I'm getting as far as: ** Device in slot: SLOT--1 ** which shows up 3 times and the computer does not continue booting. This is using kaybl's bootloader file with Chameleon RC5 from Oct 25th. Anyone have any idea what could be causing it to hang right there? Unfortunately verbose mode isnt giving me much to work with and searches don't turn up very much. My system specs are as follows: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P v1.6 (Cartri 0.8 bios) Intel Q8400 Gigabyte SOC 5770 (both DVI work OOB, return from sleep causes artifacts, HDMI and DP not working in OSX currently)
  10. surrealillusion

    ATI HD 5770

    I took the plunge today in getting a 5770 and impulsively bought Gigabyte model GV-R5770SO-1GD. What I was surprised to find was that I was able to update to 10.6.5 and automatically have both DVI inputs working out of the box (using Cartri's boot CD to load up OSX since I didn't have a BL installed yet). What is frustrating me now is I cannot get a 3rd display working (DP on my Dell U2410). Any suggestions? The fact that I didn't need to do anything to have the card detected and two displays working at the correct resolution means that it should be quite possible to get 3 display outputs working, just not entirely sure how to go about it.
  11. There's an ATI48xx series boot disc, give that a shot if you've got a spare cd-rw handy http://www.mediafire.com/?olzzmy0m0kc
  12. In my case when I stupidly shut off my system because the progress bar wasn't moving during my bios upgrade the same thing happened to me. System would power on, no POST, no video, just power and you could hear the dvd drive spin up. After consulting the documentation ASUS built in a failsafe should a bios upgrade fail where it would load up a stock bios located on the original driver disc. Saved me from having to replace the bios chip altogether. Anyhow back to the main topic of discussion, as I indicated in my last post you should try the EmpireEFI boot disc http://prasys.co.cc/2010/01/empire-efi-v-1...-out/#more-2411. I wasn't able to use the included boot disc that's tied to this installation method to get SL installed. There should be a basic DSDT included in the zip files for this installation guide that will work for 2 core Intel CPU's. Ram shouldn't make a difference and you should only need to pass the GraphicsEnabler string in your plist file to have Chameleon detect your video card.
  13. The P5W should have come with a backup for the bios even if the main one that's in use became corrupted (you should be able to boot off the original driver disc that comes with the motherboard) and flash the bios to a base bios version and continue from there. Anyhow, assuming that all of your bios settings are the same as the screenshots that 314TeR provided, what boot CD are you using to try and complete the initial installation? I know with my specific components I had to use the EmpireEFI boot cd in order for it to get into the installer to run.
  14. If I'm not mistaken the CST values are the ones for speedstep. 314TeR mentioned that in the 3001 bios the SSDT tables are missing so you won't have a working Speedstep without downgrading to the 24 or 25xx bios and grab a full DSDT dump from there.
  15. The CST failing sounds like its related to Speedstep, in order to get that working I'm pretty sure it's a few lines of modification in the quad core.aml file that's included in the package as I believe the Q6600 that was used to generated it was a B3 stepping. Sorry for not getting around to posting my modified dsdt.aml it's been a busy week for me. I've attached the .aml and the .dsl file so you guys have a look at it. About 7-8 lines were modified in this (a few of the addresses for CPU and the code for my dual 9600GT's). If someone has an idea of what could be causing my auto sleep to not wake properly from a USB device that would be greatly appreciated. Oh and as for the com.apple.boot.plist, the only addition I made to mine over the installer was to manually insert the EFI string for my dual card setup. DSDT.rar