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  1. Nice guide, but I have a problem. I installed sierra at g3240 & asus b85m-g (+ gt 630). When I open a pdf file with 'Preview' app, finder & desktop stop working and get refreshed. (quicklook view works fine) Would you check it?
  2. Hi. I installed yosemite on samsung laptop (i5 3230m, HD4000 + GT650M) and have some problem.. I got sound with alc269vc kext and layout 3 config (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298663-applehda-for-yosemite/) but only headphone working, no sound with speaker.. No other alc269 kext working. * uploaded my config and ioreg files. Up.zip
  3. Solved (maybe..) Problem was wrong framebuffer.. With dashimaki or chutoro, screen turns on. but youtube shows error. It looks like buri is correct fb.
  4. Hi. i5 4460 Z97-A (smbios : imac 5k) HD 7770 (fb : chutoro, dashimaki) I installed yosemite but one issue.. When I play youtube and vimeo (both html5), safari crashes and reloads website. With adobe flash (hardware acceleration : off), it works fine. Then I pulled out discrete vga and tested with internal hd 4600, also it works without crash. I guess it's related with discrete vga. So solutions what i know are... 1. change smbios to macpro (but I want iMac smbios) 2. disable html5 in youtube and play with adobe flash (with safari extension.. it will crash in vimeo and other html5 video sites..) 3. use internal vga (no way..) How can I play html5 youtube in iMac smbios with discrete vga?
  5. WeiSer

    Partition Map Error in Yosemite

    Thank you for your advice. BUT nothing changed by reformatting EFI partition. I think rolling back kexts or making hybrid MBR partition is not so good solution.. I want pure OS X!!! lol.. This is what Disk Utility shows me. After repair, reboot, same error.. It says 'Free Space in FSInfo block not correct' (Always it shows 2 bytes difference) Do you know what does it mean? Maybe this can be the point. Oh, and another symptom is.. No APPLE folder in EFI folder of EFI partition. You can see /EFI/APPLE/FIRMWARE folder in EFI partition. Even if you manually format the EFI partition, you can see /EFI/APPLE/FIRMWARE folder after reboot several times. But I can't see it. Attached my config.plist (serial removed) and dsdt. And I used fakesmc, appleintel1000e. I think this is a quite formal installation.. Can't figure out what cause this problem; Archive.zip
  6. WeiSer

    Partition Map Error in Yosemite

    Tested with several setup of config.plist but never fixed.. I'll try out..
  7. WeiSer

    Partition Map Error in Yosemite

    Thank you, kvonlinee. I'll check this~
  8. WeiSer

    Partition Map Error in Yosemite

    Loaded. At first boot, it wasn't loaded. so I made dsdt of my board and inserted '8c4b' (hm87). Now it's loaded.. Would you upload dsdt and config.plist of your h97 hackin, kvonlinee? (Please~)
  9. WeiSer

    Partition Map Error in Yosemite

    Which main board do you have?
  10. WeiSer

    Partition Map Error in Yosemite

    No difference with different disk, cable, boot loader, smbios... Same all.
  11. Hi. I have a problem in yosemite.. PC SPEC CPU : i5 4460 Mainboard : ASUS H97 Pro (smbios : imac 5k) VGA : HD 7770 After successful installation (via clover uefi), I checked partition map of HDD in disk utility... and Disk Utility shows me that partition map error. So.. I repaired (disk utility shows partition map fixed). and after reboot I checked again, and same error happens again... I doubted about hdd or sata cable malfunction so tested with other hdd and cable but same result.. (beside, usb hdd and usb stick shows me same error) I tested with different smbios, chameleon boot loader but same all.. even I installed yosemite into another pc (i3 3220, ASUS P8Z77-V, GT 630) and same result.. (No problem with Mavericks) How can I fix this problem? Please Help~ * In short.. Disk Utility show me 'The Partition Map Needs to be repaired because there is a problem with the EFI system partition's file system' message. After successful repair, and reboot, it happens again.
  12. Wow.. Thank you, Mr. Riley Freeman.. and everybody!!
  13. I made my system with i3 haswell refresh , h97 mainboard... and I'm waiting for smbios of iMac 15,1 (5K iMac = iMac 2014 late) When would I get it? ----- CPU : i3 4160 MainBoard : ASUS H97-Pro Gamer RAM : 8GB VGA : XFX HD 7770 Core Edition