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  1. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Hello anitanium, try installing kexts from ALC889A_1056_fix.zip (extract and install using osx86tool and correct permissions). worked for me. metzz77 I think we need a boot123 disk with nvidia chipset drivers/kexts and I am not aware of any downloadable boot disk with these drivers. What I did was install leopard10.5.0 to a hard disk using my old intel macbook (using a usb to sata bridge making the hard disk a usb drive). Then I updated up to 10.5.6 and installed the additional kexts & chamelian and moved the prepared hard disk to GA-E7AUM-DS2H. It seems 10.5.6 update has whatever items needed for this board to work. I did not have any stablity problems and I was able to move 64GB of data without any problems. Audio-out works well through SPDIF. I seem to have a problem with sleep but needs to check it. I may have to reinstall some kexts.
  2. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    Hello Metz71 I installed using leopard retail 10.5.0 disk. I did the following steps (note: you need a any intel mac or a hackintosh and sata/ide to usb conector) 1. connect the hard drive to working mac usb port by using sata to usb connector. 2. install retail 10.5.0 to the usb connected hard drive. 3. boot from the newly installed os. 4. place following files in a folder in the new hard drive. - osx86 tools to install kexts and following kexts: AppleDecrypt.kext , Disabler.kext , dsmos.kext , IntelCPUPMDDisabler.kext, OpenHaltResatart.kext (I used these as they worked for me for my previous hackingtosh using intel atom330 board). For sound I used kexts from ALC889A_1056_fix.zip . For video I used NVkush.kext 5. I installed all these kexts using OSX86tools and after installing clicked all the options in the permission correction section. Note- do not restart the computer during these steps. 6. install Chamelian and made the efi partition active using terminal (see my previous post on this thread) 7. remove the disk and connect to the sata port of the motherboard. (remember to set sata to ACHI mode in bios) and boot. I had been using my hackintosh and so far it had been very stable.
  3. Gigabyte's Nvidia 9400 powered M-ATX MOBO

    I had been reading this post daily for the last 2 weeks and thank you all for sharing the experience! I hope my experience will be helpful to someone. I built a hackintosh with Intel atom 330 board. (see [Guide]Intel D945GCLF2 10.5.x Retail Installation, Drivers and Guide v2.5) under Tutorials (Genious Bar) of this forum. I removed the hd from intel board and put in the Gigabyte Nvidia 9400 board and it simply booted to leopard with fixed video resolution. After installing NVkush with OsX86 tools and repairing permissions, now I have hardware support for core image and quartz extreme support. Few details: Bios - no changes made. On boot up selected AHCI. hard drive - sata. was working in intel atom board. updated to 10.5.6 audio not working yet. ethernet - working ( I am using the new computer to post this message!) processor identified correctly but not the correct amount of memory. firewire recognised - not tested. SATA - Vendor: Unknown Product: AHCI Standard Controller Speed: 3 Gigabit Description: AHCI Version 1.20 Supported
  4. see iSynapse guide in these forums. If you search Intel D945GCLF2, you can find it. I was able to install from retail leopard and update to 10.5.6
  5. Audio drivers in version 2.5 of the guide (current guide available by iSynapse) works fine and now I have sterio sound coming from the motherboard (green audio outlet) and keyboard can control the volume and mute. I am running 10.5.6 and sleep, restart and everything else works fine.
  6. iSynapse, Thank you for the guide. I used v.1 Everything works fine. I even managed to run 10.5.6 updater without any problems. I do not think I used DSDT patching but 10.5.6 works beautifully. Few points for newbies like me. 1. terminal - I had to use "sudo fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 (note space before -e and /dev also). Next line asks for your passoword. rest was the same. 2. run permission etc using OsX 86 tools after installing the major updates (10.5.5 and 10.5.6) 3. I had to reinstall the 5 kexts (system and video in v.1) after each update to get out of fixed video resolution. After these reinstallations, I did run permissions repair using OsX 86 tools. 4. I didn't do anything re: ethernet as it seems to be working fine. Everything works fine (except audio as expected) including sleep. Only glitch is that, at every boot, it shows the hard drive name to boot from and I have to press enter to boot to OsX. PS: changed the fan on the heatsink and now it is almost silent.