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  1. ColorSync not responding

    Good news I put the DVI to the second port and the color calibration works perfectly. Color was already pretty well balanced, and the big difference was made to the highlights that were burned before. Thank You Qoo, Best George
  2. ColorSync not responding

    Thank You for the reply. I had read that solution, and then started reading about it: I found out that the yellow DVI port that I am using is the "main" DVI out of the card. You are right: I should try it later today.
  3. OS X not installing, waiting for root drive

    Try to install with an external USB DVD. Worked for me.
  4. ColorSync not responding

    Anybody? Has anybody tried the colorsync functionality of their 9600GT? Or even of the 9800GT for the matter, since I might upgrade to one of these if it is working. Thank You, G
  5. ColorSync not responding

    First things first. THANK YOU to everybody in the OSx86 scene and to Apple for a great OS. Hardware: MB: Asus M3A78PRO Chipset - North bridge: AMD 780G Chipset - South bridge: ATI SB700 CPU: AMD Phenom 9950, X4, 2.6 RAM: 4GB VGA Onboard: ATI Radeon HD 3200 (0x10029612) Audio: Realtek ALC1200 (0x104382FE) Ethernet: Realtek RTL8211CL VGA PCIe: Asus EN9600GT 512 (0x062200a1) connected with DVI Mouse: Razer, DeathAdder with System: Installed 10.5.6 XxX Rev1. Kext helper, replaced the seatbelt to 10.5.5 (was causing problems mounting dmg's) OSX86Tools, add the EFI, result CI:Hardware QE:Supported (and tested) DeathAdder, Razer's Mac Driver Symptoms System runs smoothly, there might be a problem waking the system from sleep, but I don't stress too much about it. It is either ON or OFF, call me oldschool Geekbench ~4.800 Everything works, but the COLORSYNC is not responding to adjustments. My monitor is ok for daily/office work, but since I am into photography(hobby) I need to calibrate it to perfection. Any ideas? I did a lot of research, but there are only a few posts around the fora and nothing to help me out. I know the 9600GT support is not official/full, but I have been spoiled by my MSI U100 Wind that runs the colorsync perfectly. I tried to snoop in the ColorSync files, trying to find out if there are any DeviceID's hidden etc, but no luck so far. I am sure this is not a 9600GT issue only, so I hope more people will benefit from this thread. And again, Thank You to everybody.