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  1. Hey guys, So I have a 700m, Kalyway 10.5.1. Followed the instructions to the T and everything is working great. Except when I go to restart I get the You need to restart your computer. error. I can't figure it out. I searched and came up with deleting the AppleintelCPUPowerManagement.kexts file, which i've done. I just dont want to restart to have to REINSTALL this a third time. Anyone have an idea???
  2. Well thanks for the reply. My airport card is on. I try and type in my password and it says its incorrect... lol Are you SUUURE little airport card cus I'm pretty sure the password is correct. I've been trying like hell to get Leopard 10.5 on here. I can't do much without it. No Firefox, no torrents no nothing it seems like. I've got a genuine copy of leopard I was handed down but its not on disk. I just ripped it and the disk is awol. So I either need to get a DL burner for my pc or use my 32 gig flash drive, which I can't seem to figure out. 6.6 gigs wont fit on a normal SL disc.
  3. Ok guys so here I am. I finally made it. I've been into PC's since I was a youngen. My first computer was a Pentium II. I learned from then on. Now I build, troubleshoot and sleep pc's. I know it very well. Of coarse I ALWAYS look for more to learn. I'm very comfortable with my pc's. I just bought a G4 Powerbook Ti with broken hinges. It's working right now, everything is just great. It needs some case love and some new hinges but its a nice piece. So far. I'm effing lost. I don't even know how to check my comp specs. I dont know how to connect to my wireless I have setup up. I feel like someone has broken all of my limbs and i'm typing with my nose... First batch of questions: I want the newest os that my little book that could will support. What is it? Leopard? 10.5?? Also, I think i have a pretty good idea but is my laptop intel based or not. I've been searching the wiki's and getting no where. How do I go about fixing my hinges??? It looks like its attached under the metal screen case but everytime I try and get under there I create a small bend mark... what am I missing??? Is my Ti upgradable??? Faster Proc, I think my ram is limited to 1gb. Not entirely sure. Is there a detailed wiki that tells me all about my book and all the newer and older ones?? I havn't found it if there is. Thanks in advance guys!!!