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  1. Oh, I'm not giving up! I'll go with a patched kernel if that's what it takes. I bought this hardware specifically for this purpose and it's killing me to see it sit with Windows 7. No, Windows 7 isn't that bad, but I want Leopard or Snow Leopard! :-)
  2. I just bot a GA-P55-UD4P, i5-570, 8gb of g.Skill DDR3 RAM, and a gtx260 video card. I've tried iDeneb, iAtkos, and Leo4All. None of these seem to work, I've tried recommendations found in this thread as well as the ones from this link. I'm able to get the install fine using cpus=4 busratio=20 and using that at the boot loader. It loads up the Apple screen with the spinning icon then the screen goes black. My system doesn't reboot, it just sits there until I reboot it. If anyone can offer some insight that'd be much appreciated. Am I missing a driver? Am I selecting something I shouldn't be? Thanks in advance! PS-- Yes, this is my first attempt at an OSX install.