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  1. x99-a sierra install

    remember to disable nvidia driver and try again
  2. mate i wil see if i have the 10.11.5 kext for you ok let me see in my old hdd i be back found it mate IONVMeFamily.zip
  3. ok mate i wil use the kext thanks! a question is it safe to install the security update without ruining anything?
  4. question now that you figure out the issue is possible to have clover patches or better to stay with this kext? thanks buddy!!! witch one wil you recommend me?
  5. OMG this worked no more hassle you are my safer men thank you very very very much!!!!! how do you do it it may help others with the same problem! god bless you!!! micky
  6. yes you'r right no kp happend only incorrect data or corrupt i wil try the kext now and again thank you for helping me out !
  7. wel i try the kexttopatch but no luck is stay external so no go there how can i make a ssdt maybe is better but i don't know how i don't use one.. i woud like to thank everyone who's helping here!!! config.plist.zip
  8. the kext IONVMeFamilyBorg.kext i put it in clover and remove the kexttopatch.. do i need to try the clover config / patches instead?
  9. i just try the kext it generated but this is what i got take a look im going to try the kexttopatch instead and let you know!
  10. i wil try it and let you again thank you for your effort !!!! god bless you
  11. yo meen generate a kext and than put it in clover? right ? witch one do i need to use? can you explain it like you did please?
  12. thanks buddy i think i wil wait for your command line and see what happen