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    iLife Garageband Only won't install

    As usually Internet knows all: http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/2589...page=7#comments Created by poub 3 years ago Applications : Macintosh Launch the iLife installer and click on "customize". then select only GarageBand application (don't select garageband demo songs). Well.. that the way it was supposed to work but the archive is broken. Sorry. But don't worry, don't put your file on the trash because you get everything. You only need to delete 3 files and you will be ok. Here the fix to install GarageBand: - Mount the dmg on your desktop - Right click on iLife06.mpkg and select "Show package contents" - Go into installers and Copy GarageBand.mpkg on your desktop. (After the installation of GarageBand you will be able to delete it) - open Terminal and type "cd " (with a space, don't press enter) - drag your GarageBand.mpkg package on this windows (you're going to see the path of where the package is located on your hardrive, it must be something like ~/Desktop/GarageBand.mpkg) - press return - now copy and paste the following commands: rm Contents/Installers/GarageBand.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck rm Contents/Installers/GarageBand_MIDI_Tiger.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck rm Contents/Installers/GarageBand_Loops_Tiger.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck Now right click on GarageBand.mpkg, select "Show Package Contents" and go to installers. Double click on GarageBand.pkg, It will install GarageBand Double clik on GarageBand_MIDI_Tiger.pkg ... Double clik on GarageBand_Loops_Tiger.pkg ... Double clik on GarageBand_Instruments.mpkg ... Then you should be ok. Alternatively you can re-integrate those package into the "iLife 06 iPhoto only" or "iLife 06 iMovie only" seeds. And do not forget about: Posted by technilogica 2 years ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ] @melonrecords I had to delete two more files before installing the instuments: Go into: GarageBand.mpkg/Contents/Installers/GarageBand_Instrume nts.mpkg/Contents/Installers/ and delete: GarageBand_Instruments_Tiger.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck and: GarageBand_FactoryContent.pkg/Contents/Resources/InstallationCheck
  2. hrhrhr

    10.4.8 and SheepShaver

    It helped to _me too_! I checked symbolic link in /etc/resolv.conf and it had the same error. When I fixed it with 'ln' command SheepShaver network started ro work. And how did you find this bug?
  3. For people looking for a solution to transfer file to Sheepshaver from MacOS X. I do the following 1) In MacOS X from Disk Utility I did a new Image (New Image button). You should assign a name, location (I used SheepShaver directory), Size (40 is enough), Encription (none) and Format (read/write disk image). 2) From MacOX copy any data to the mounted Image or just extract it from an archive by StuffIt. 3) Being in MacOS X unmount the Image, start SheepShaver GUI application and in the very first page Volumes add new Image clicking at Add.. button 3) Start SheepShaver and get the data in the mounted disk. I use 10.4.8 Tiger, MacOS 9.0.4 and SheepShaver v.2.3
  4. To install system I used the guide(and all following links). I did everything as described and the result was absolutely predictable: MacOS X worked including Ethernet port and battery management.To get WiFi access I bought Asus WL-107g PCMCIA card based at Ralink 2500 chipset. In these topics I found CardBus driver(Extensions package) and Ralink 2500 driver(CardbusPCIWireless_Tiger). Ralink utility in Application allowed router connection. To get working WiFi you should also activate new PC Card in Network.
  5. Just follow the link http://thereformed.org/2007/04/25/howto-ma...de-c840-part-1/ and you get working System. As for me I used direct kext for 3Com-3C905 network card.