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  1. @yassor: i think he's one of the beta testers for the mac version. It will be released soon. @Skyper: it's istat menu http://www.islayer.com/index.php?op=item&id=28
  2. great job, p-J. could you share your wallpaper with us?
  3. i've created for each movie a folder, download the movie covers, converted the covers with pic2icon and set the pictures as a icon on each folder.
  4. http://Kamikaze00X.deviantart.com/art/Aqua-X-60099768
  5. .:resources:. .:leopard theme:. Kaer β2 by Nuclear Potato .:wall:. Pure Symphony by archanN .:dock:. 3D Border Dock by Justin .:icons:. Finder - Apple Bag by Alejandro Lopez Mail - OSX Mail Stamps by cYPoHirogen Safari - Apripoco icon by aculas iTunes - CMYK headphones by Michael Flarup Adressbook - Address Book Moded Icon by kano89 Stacks - fb4yc's blacksilver drawers by finebe4youcame Trash - Red Cigarrete pack by Alejandro Lopez
  6. Greedy Fascist Hackers...

    The site only showing the steve that are already shown on the pwnage tool demostration video skyhighmac
  7. ...some info... Wallpaper//Cutout Pack 01 Pop Flavours Dock//pDock with some modding Indicator//Float Ocean by Rick Patrick Separator//Dark Separator by Zak Frazier ...icons... HD Icon//Pump It Up by mgilchuk Finder Icon//More Hat Icon by LoafNinja Mail Icon//pablo picasso by artimanha Dashboard Icon//Trans Dash by Wil1113 Safari Icon//Lab Notebook by Memzee iTunes Icon//iPod Touch icon by plonko Trash Icon//Delicious Icons by iTweek
  8. thanks sabr for the widescreen wallpaper
  9. ^ Zeichen ist auf Taste für <

    keine ahnung woran das wohl liegen kann. auf meiner apple tastatur ist es aber genauso. einfach mit abwinden
  10. great sabr, i like it. could you please share it with us?
  11. cider porting issue

    open cider in terminal and take a look in the log
  12. you have an awesome hd icon. please could you share it