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  1. IPhone doesn't support Flash player ?

    oh, it's complicated about kinda this rivalry... adobe, apple, flash, iphone... you can refer to some rumors and my opinions about this event here: http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/...obile-business/ :-)
  2. iPhone Language Pack - HOW?

    oh, since apple won't release the iphone source, you shouldn't localize it manually, i think. so maybe you can contact apple to see whether they offer such things. i guess no....
  3. Where is the good source for on line TV buying?

    i suggest BizRate (http://www.bizrate.com/), which includes much comparison and reviews about such tv or gadgets. :_)
  4. Ok Heres the deal.

    microsoft's zune? so you can guess m$ won't let it compatible w/ mac... hope you find the way to solve other than virtual machine....