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  1. HELP! Computer won't recognize wireless networks

    On the Mac side of the problem iMac, it says that its security is incompatible with WEP, so unless I did something wrong, that won't work either. Also, I don't think I mentioned this, but the wired computer to the router also dual boots Mac and Windows, and it picks up the signal fine.
  2. I purchased an Intel iMac a couple of months ago and just brought it back home from college. My brother purchased a router, so I set up a network and try to get our computers going at the same time. The network's functioning completely fine... we have a Vista laptop running wirelessly on it and my brother's iMac is wired to the router. The problem is with my iMac. I'm running Boot Camp on it, and the Macintosh side picks up the network fine. However, when I boot it into Windows, the computer won't find any wireless networks within range. My instinct told me it was a driver problem, as I rarely go into Windows, so I figured I may not have configured something correctly, but I did use my Leopard disc to install the initial drivers. Can anyone provide me with some insight? I was on the phone with Linksys for an hour to no avail, so I figured maybe going to some people that focus on Macs may be able to provide some help. I imagine it's a compatibility issue or something. Thanks!