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  1. Are we going to get a solution?
  2. Msaleh, can you be more specific?
  3. Black Hat Villain

    Unison 2.0 on a hackintosh ?

    The EthernetBuiltIn command works even better.
  4. Black Hat Villain

    Slow graphic performance and high CPU on 10.6.2

    I thought Snow Leopard didn't report QE/CI status in the profiler? I also did the standard check of playing Chess to see if it works, that's supposed to verify QE/CI, it works just fine. It doesn't say QE/CI in the profiler but then again I read threads that said it wasn't supposed to, am I wrong?
  5. Everything is installed and working, it's just working in a choppy fashion. I can't even play videos from a browser in normal speed. I don't know if it's a kernel issue or what but Windowserver andSystemuiserver go through the roof when I do ANYTHING. Help.
  6. Black Hat Villain

    Final Try: Snow Leopard and AHCI

    Ack, another reboot....I just don't get how this is happening with everyone else seeing success on this. Anywho, thanks for your help, it just doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Hopefully someone will see this before I wake up with the solution to everything Again, thanks for going out of your way, bro.
  7. Black Hat Villain

    Final Try: Snow Leopard and AHCI

    I'm using the flash drive method but would try another one (even though I have tried multiple times already). The kexts you recommended look like they would help, I also adjusted the bios settings. I'm a network guy and am not new to any of this, I'm just missing something basic....when overlooking something always ask for help.
  8. Black Hat Villain

    Final Try: Snow Leopard and AHCI

    BROOKLYN, NYC! Also, just tried....same reboot with Vanilla, kernel panic with Voodoo ('invalid kernel ip'). This {censored} is killing me.
  9. Black Hat Villain

    Final Try: Snow Leopard and AHCI

    THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING!!!!! I'm going to try those suggestions out right now and see where it gets me....!
  10. Motherboard specs are below. Doesn't matter what method I use (and I have tried ALL of them of this board), Snow Leopard will reboot before graphics mode using -v -f every single time. If I boot with Voodoo kernel I get a kernel panic and lockup. This board doesn't have AHCI but I am running IPC 10.5.8 with no problem. I see on the Wiki page that someone has been able to install vanilla on it but they didn't link to the howto guide. ANYBODY?!!??!? Why am I getting reboots no matter what method I use?
  11. Black Hat Villain

    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5

    Why the HELL doesn't this work for me? I have a Gigabyte board and the most I can get is a reboot right before it goes into graphics mode!!!
  12. Black Hat Villain

    Error When Installing Snow Leopard.

    Snow Leopard is 10.6 not 10.5.6.
  13. Black Hat Villain

    How to get PNY 9800 GTX+ Working in Snow Leopard

    OSXTOOLS is what you use to create an EFI string and import it to your plist automatically. If you do not see your card listed create a custom card based on the card you are running and import it to your plist.