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  1. Spotlight Not Working

    I installed the 10.4.6 HotISO, twice, but neither time did spotlight work. I have an AMD 64 3200+ and ATI 9600 Pro. When I search with spotlight it just instantly comes up with nothing. I have tried smart folders with the same result. It is as if my computer wasn't indexed for some reason. Any ideas?
  2. A couple of issues

    I reinstalled the Callisto drivers a couple times and eventually b008 worked after I installed the 10.4.5 ATI kexts by downloading the 10.4.5 Intel update from Apple and using Pacifist to install them.
  3. A couple of issues

    C'mon, nobody has any idea what might be going wrong here?
  4. A couple of issues

    Now I fixed System Preferences by reinstalling the HotISO. I still havn't got Spotlight to work though and that is a pretty big part of the OS so if anybody has any suggestions, please speak up. And the Finder is still hanging on any info window or open/save menu.
  5. A couple of issues

    Okay, I got the graphics working with QE/CI and 1280x1024x32. However the finder doesn't seem to be working correctly either. Whenever I open a Get Info menu or an open menu or a save menu, it hangs for a couple of minutes. Anybody know about this?
  6. A couple of issues

    I have a couple of things with my recent installation of the 10.4.6 HotISO on an ASROCK 939Dual-SATA2, AMD 64 3200+, 1GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9600. Firstly, I can't open the network system preference or system preferences crashes. In an attempt to fix this, I followed a tutorial elsewhere on these forums using the method with Pacifist and that did not fix my problem, and in addition, now Keyboard & Mouse, Sound, and Security display an error message when I click on them, so they don't work now either. I have also found no drivers that work with the Radeon 9600 to allow higher resolutions and CI/QE, so if anybody knows of one, please direct me to it. Lastly, Spotlight never indexed and it doesn't work. When I search it shows the spinning circle thing to indicate activity, but nothing ever shows up. If anybody has anything on any of these problems, I would appreciate the help greatly.
  7. System Preferences Crash

    This didn't work for me, however the only preference that won't open is Network. I have found, though, that the above method made it so Security, Keyboard & Mouse, and Sound all now open a dialog box saying they won't work, and they had worked previously so I'm not sure what went wrong there. The network error is different because it just crashes System Preferences.
  8. Getting out of Safe Mode?

    Thank you! This worked for me as well, running an ATI Radeo 9600.
  9. Black screen w/ mouse pointer on 10.4.6 boot

    I also have the same issue, using an ATI Radeo 9600, which has been verified to work by others.
  10. cant get past text-loading screen?

    I found I got past this by updating my BIOS so it's worth a try for you.
  11. cant get past text-loading screen?

    I have the exact same problem, running an AMD 64 3200+, ASROCK 939Dual-SATA2, 1GB of RAM and ATI 9600 Pro. I posted about this about a week ago and nobody had anything to say at all, but I have to think there is some solution for this.
  12. Error booting for installation

    Anybody have any ideas, or possibly just anything I could try that helped you? I'm very open to trying anything, but I'd really like to get this working one way or another because I've really devoted my system to it and repartitioned and reformatted all of my drives so if this doesn't work, I'll need to reinstall windows and all, which I'd rather not do.
  13. Okay, I have an AMD 64 3200+, ATI Radeon 9600 128MB, ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2 MB with the ULI M1695 and ULI M1567 chipsets, and 1GB of Corsair ValueSelect memory. I have tried multiple versions of OSx86 and they all have the same result. When I first try to boot the DVD I get the error "still waiting for root device". I found I can get around that by typing "rd=disk0s1" as that is my OS X partition, however, it gets past that error, but then won't load past the kernel and if I am not in verbose mode, the screen will become darker and it will say I need to restart the computer. I have tried all of the things I can think of including: disabling Legacy USB, Using diskpart and partition magic to create a primary partition id=af, set active partition, a different graphics card, a different DVD drive, adding "-x" and "platform=ACPI" or "platform=X86PC" to the boot options, a different HD. I have looked all over the forums and havn't found a solution to my problem, or even an idea of what the problem might be so if anybody has any idea what it might be or even better a solution, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  14. Installing OSX86 Problem

    I have an ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2 with a ULi chipset. On the osx86project.org website it shows this as being a supported MB. I have an active partition set, and everything is setup correctly in partition magic, but it still hangs on the kernel load.
  15. Installing OSX86 Problem

    I have the same problem as well using the same image that you mentioned (MaC.OsX.10.4.5.Universal.Install.DVD(INTEL:AMD:SSE3:SSE2)). I am running an AMD 64 3200+ however. I found that there seems to be something wrong with the selection of the volume to load on, so I entered "rd=disk0s2" since I wanted to install on that volume (first HD, second partition) and I got it to load past that error. So I'm guessing that if you select the correct volume using the "rd=" on that boot menu then it might work. I found, however, that even though it gets past that, it hangs up while loading the kernel for install, anybody have an idea what this might be?