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  1. Can this be used on intial install? How do i add this.
  2. Whats this error?

    HCL? edit: Ok hardware compatible list. I checked and im unsure. Its integrated graphics.
  3. Whats this error?

    I hate bumping but I need help.
  4. Whats this error?

    Hey I am trying to install Kalyway and its not working. I start it up and gets a error like this. localhost com.apple.lauchd[1] (com.apple.distnoted[10]) posix_spawn (somthing to long to type) And that () area had also had a report crash. Here are the files: /USR/SBIN/DISNOTED /SYSTEM/LIBRARY/CORESERVICES/REPORTCRASH Also if someone could please show me a really good guide on installing that will help. Thanks.
  5. Need help on deneb 10.5.5

    Again im sorry. Anyone?
  6. Need help on deneb 10.5.5

    Hai im sorry to keep bumping but I really would like this to work.
  7. Need help on deneb 10.5.5

    Didn't work. Any suggestions?
  8. Need help on deneb 10.5.5

    Thanks bug. Ill try the ten minute thing. But my hp bios suck and is either locked or has nearly no adjustments. I have went in and cant do anything but mess with video settings. Thanks again.
  9. Need help on deneb 10.5.5

    I really hate bumping up threads but no one has answered my question. Please can someone help?
  10. Hai im new here and new to osx. I am installing it because of bordem. Any ways when im installing it I get to the hardrive screen and it asks me to select a hardrive but none are avabile. Its just empty. Also, when I click on the utilites tab and click system profiler I click sata and it says theres none. I am on my lappy. Ideneb installing from dvd.